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Tuesday, September 07, 2010  

Road Trip Day 10: Going Fourth

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Although today is July 4, we had not one but two fireworks displays yesterday (including one at the RV park during which almost all of the explosives made it off the ground before blowing up), so we're feeling good about not knowing whether we'll see any tonight. We're invited to our host's annual 7/4 party, including the home-style fireworks in their yard after dark, but with the trip winding down, we've come to a realization: we're going to have to do more driving in the next three days than we've done all week. So not only have we checked out of our E-Town cabin a day early, we get on the road in the heat of the afternoon. Trash and M. Edium are going to be spending their first night ever in Indiana. The goal is to get as far as we can tonight, because tomorrow night we have reservations at Starved Rock in Illinois and we'd prefer to actually spend some time there than spend all day getting there.

Still we're going to miss Kentucky. Trash is half-seriously talking about moving there someday. Even the freeway to the state line is scenic. And at the very end, we're quite pleasantly surprised by Louisville. Having driven through -- or, more accurately, past -- a number of major cities in our lives, we're not expecting to see much more of this one than a collection of skyscrapers off to one side. But Interstate 65 gives you the grand tour. You drive right past such famous landmarks as the venue of the Kentucky Derby and the place where they make (or at least used to make) Louisville Sluggers before you find yourself threading between skyscrapers through the very heart of downtown. All city freeways should be like this. This makes us want to come back to Louisville some time when we can actually spend a while there, but for now we're left wanting more, even as we cross a scenic river into Indiana.

Again, our only goal for tonight, is to get far enough to make tomorrow's drive as undemanding as possible, but it seems like we've traveled a long way. We started in Prince's hometown, and have since passed through Lynyrd Skynyrd's and are now approaching John Cougar Mellencamp's. But more significantly, Trash could get authentic Southern sweet tea this morning and now she can't, except at McDonald's.

We decide to call a halt about an hour short of Indianapolis, and check into what is only our second (and last) hotel room of the trip. Somebody is launching a few fireworks from the furniture store parking lot across the highway, so it's a good thing we got our pyro fix yesterday. The difference between our state of mind now and the first night is striking. Then, we were uptight about making sure we had everything and everybody. Tonight, we can't even bring ourselves to care that much about the fact that M. Edium has dumped all of his stuffed friends (the count now up to 19 or so, including the ones he's picked up along the way) out of the pillowcase they're supposed to travel in and they're all over the back seat. I bring some in with the rest of our stuff, but I sure don't count them. The daily stuffed-animal census has faded in importance like an old superstition.

This is something we will live to regret.

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