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Friday, August 13, 2010  

Road Trip Day 6: Crashville to Nashville

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As if the alpine setting of our cabin weren't vertigo-inducing enough, the beds in here are even higher. Trash has to sort of lean her torso over it and then swing her legs up to get into ours. M. Edium's single bed is a little lower, but it's still about shoulder height. Which is probably why he hurts himself rolling out of it some time between one and two in the morning.

It takes a while to stop the bleeding, and even longer to stop the crying, but eventually everyone calms down. We drag the mattress off the bed so he can sleep the rest of the night a little closer to the floor, which pretty much uses up the rest of the available floor space in the cabin. Probably just as well that we're leaving in the morning.

* * *

This being the furthest point in this particular trip, we essentially start heading home today. We pack our stuff and our battered-faced child into the pickup, stop for breakfast at Sonic (Sonics are everywhere down here, as opposed to a twenty-minute drive away at home), and hit the road. This is going to be a fairly easy day of driving, as we're only a few hours from Nashville, where we'll be spending the next two nights.

Actually, the part where we drive through Nashville itself isn't all that easy. The GPS keeps wanting me to enter and exit various freeways, and it's not until after the eighth interchange or so that it's just giving me shortcuts that I could be doing just as well without. The RV park we're staying at is actually north of the city. When Trash booked it, they told her that it's no uncommon for country musicians to hang out there. Not that I know all that much about country music, but that young blonde woman at the pool seemed to be some kind of minor local celebrity, from the way other people were treating her. If only I could recall her name. Tyler Speedy, or something like that.

Our cabin is more like what we used to have when we stayed in the Black Hills last fall; a one-bedroom A-frame with a front porch. Except this is better, because it also has a refrigerator, cable TV, and a cavernous bathroom grafted onto the back that's the entire width of the structure. It's simple and yet luxurious. Except I wish I hadn't parked the pickup right alongside it, because every time I come around that way I bang my head on the roof overhang.

M. Edium and I spend most of the afternoon in the pool. Back at Jellystone, Trash had told me to quit floating him around like a pool toy and make him practice some of his actual swimming skills. Which, after an afternoon of practicing, he starts to actually have.

Dinner is some authentic Tennessee barbecue. We can tell it's authentic because we have to drive a half hour to an industrial area, pick it up from a place that doesn't have anywhere to sit down, and drive a half hour back to eat it at the picnic table outside our cabin. And also because it comes with a sack of grocery-store hamburger buns.

Oh, and a bee stings me on the eyebrow for no reason. That might bother me more if we weren't having such a good time.

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Your trip sounds fabulous. Except for the bee sting... but better you than Trash!

Now that I have finally caught up on your blog, where have all of the other commenters gone? Taking the summer off?

By Anonymous Vicki, at August 16, 2010 at 5:14 AM  

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