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Monday, August 16, 2010  

Road Trip Day 7: Music City

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Today was going to be our tourist-y day in Nashville, but after almost a week of traveling, there's a certain tendency for us to just want to hibernate at the RV park for a day. So instead of venturing out to visit the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium, we're taking it easy. We're just going to see a bunch of other stuff instead.

First on the list is the Parthenon. Yes, Nashville has a full-sized replica of the Parthenon. We wish to compare it to the one in Athens, which we saw when we visited Greece years ago. I would have to say that on balance, this one is in better shape.

It's part of Centennial Park, which was built in 1897 to celebrate the centennial of Nashville's founding (which was actually in 1796, but who among us hasn't missed the odd deadline?) The main hall inside is dominated by a giant statue of the goddess Athena. The lower floors are mostly a museum about the building of the Parthenon, which kind of makes me wonder what was in there when it first opened 113 years ago. But back then, there was also an Egyptian pyramid right next door, so maybe this place didn't get as much attention.

From there we head to one of Nashville's plantations, because Trash wants to get a little history. We arrive just as a tour group is leaving, and the next one doesn't start for another hour. Rather than waiting around for an hour, we decide to go to another plantation. We also miss the tour group there, and learn that we will have to wait an hour and half for that one. We spend some money at the gift shop and decide that plantation tours are overrated.

The rest of the day is spent in the pool, and at dinner I make some mac & cheese on the camp stove (the one time its three cubic feet get used for anything but ballast on this trip) and grill some turkey-burgers over charcoal. While I'm doing this, the singer is setting up in the front yard of our cabin.

Yes, this RV park is the location for a free country music concert every Thursday in the summer. The show starts around seven P.M., and consists of what amounts to a professional karaoke singer performing country standards and talking a lot in between them. He can carry a tune, and he's got the style down, but I can't help thinking that I'm essentially watching a professional karaoke performance.

I have to bail on the concert after the first hour, because Burn Notice is on at eight and I have to watch it in our cabin. Since the advent of weecapping at TWoP, I have become even more dependent on our DVR than I was with full-length recapping. Writing a weecap is almost like a slow-motion liveblog, where you occasionally pause to get something down and maybe rewind a few times to capture a choice bit of dialogue. It turns out to be something that's devilishly hard to do in real time. It proves even harder when there's a professional karaoke concert going on right outside your window. It's even more difficult when an increasingly tired five-year-old keeps opening the front door to go in and out, especially during the part where the singer's louder wife gets drafted into taking over the microphone. If I didn't know I'd have access to a DVR recording of this tomorrow, I might begin to feel frustrated.

Both shows are scheduled to end at 9:00, but only mine does. The one outside drags on until 9:45, by which time M. Edium is so exhausted (not that he could sleep anyway), that he's crying like a contestant on America's Next Top Model.

By the time an RV pulls up next to our cabin at 11:00 and disgorges a number of people that Trash conservatively estimates as seventeen -- all of them noisy -- we're too tired to care. Or at least I am.

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