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Sunday, August 29, 2010  

Road Trip Day 8: E-Ticket

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For the second day in a row we have breakfast at Waffle House. M. Edium loves Waffle House. He would eat there every day if we had them at home. Trash is still not tired of the ubiquity of another restaurant chain here in the south, and I have realized that if it were possible for her to get tired of Sonic cherry limeade, it would have happened by now.

Today's is a fairly short drive, from central Tennessee to central Kentucky. We expect to be at our destination by early afternoon, even with the time change stealing an hour away from us. That means we have time to stop at Dinosaur World, which might be best described as Jurassic Park hit by a freeze ray.




Even after stopping for an hour or so, we get to the RV Park in Elizabethtown not long after noon. A friend of Trash's lives about a half hour away. Unfortunately, we end up driving in late after all, because M. Edium spends most of that half hour in the bathroom.

But eventually we get there, meet their pet bunny named Houdini, and I finish my weecap while M. Edium kicks off what will end up being, more or less, three solid days in their pool. Longstanding rules regarding blogging about one's job -- or that of one's spouse -- prevent me from going into much detail, but I can say a lovely time was had by all. In fact, driving back to the cabin that night is the one time on the whole trip that M. Edium actually falls asleep on the road.

Speaking of the cabin, this is the kind of place I had expected us to be in the whole trip: one room, one light, two beds, no bathroom. There's no TV and no refrigerator, but our hosts make us a generous offer -- if we want to bring in a TV and a refrigerator, we should feel free to plug them in.

There's not even a doorknob -- after disengaging the deadbolt, you open the door by tugging on a little rope that hangs outside the door, and which lifts the door's inner crossbar up. Rustic is a word that comes to mind. So is primitive. It's cute, but none of us can get too heartbroken that we're hardly going to be spending any time in it awake.

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If you ever get out to the Palm Springs area, there are several giant dinosaurs just off I-10 (as seen in Pee Wee's Big Adventure). They used to be the only things around sticking up out of the desert, but a Burger King and various gas stations have popped up around them. It makes for a pretty cool rest stop, and you can go up inside one of the dinos where there is a gift shop.

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