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Thursday, February 02, 2012  

Cage Rage II

Like a lot of people, Trash and I spent a lot of time between Christmas and New Year's (and some after) cleaning house and purging some of the cruft that accumulates when you live in one place long enough, or have a young child who gets shitloads of toys every Christmas, or, as in our case, both.

One of the things we found was the old Bucky's original cage, untouched since the day the second Bucky had come home and we'd moved him into that new cage M. Edium had gotten and which the old Bucky had hated as much as I did.

Now, I'm not saying the new Bucky doesn't hate that cage, because he does. On the other hand, he hates everything. He hates getting touched, let alone picked up; he hates noise, he hates quiet, he hates dark, he hates light, he hates exercise and sleep. I think he even hates sunflower seeds and only takes them from my hand so I won't have them, because he hates me more than anything,

M. Edium had resisted moving the new Bucky into the old cage, given how hard he'd worked for the new one, but while we were cleaning up Trash suggested to him that like original Bucky, the new one might also be happier in the old cage. He certainly couldn't get any pissier. I think by this point, M. Edium was also tired of having a hamster that was too crabby to play with. He missed what we used to call Bucky Time. So this time, when Trash suggested switching back, he agreed. Or I assume he did, because I'd already left the room to get the old cage.

Soon new Bucky was in the old cage, and as hard as it is to judge a hamster's mood, his seemed to improve immediately. He hopped right onto his old-school exercise wheel and started running, enjoyed some food, made himself at home in his little plastic igloo, and most of all stopped swearing at us.

At first we thought that maybe now, or at least in time, he'd be a friendly little hamster who would love to come out and play and run around on our arms and hands and faces like original Bucky used to do. So far that hasn't been the case. In fact, he still refuses to let anyone pick him up or pet him. But he hasn't bitten me again, at least.

Actually, I don't even care. Now, instead of living in a cage that takes 45 minutes to clean and scarcely twice that long to get stinky again, he lives in a cage that I can clean from tope to bottom in ten minutes, and takes weeks to get even remotely smelly. Not that I plan to wait for weeks, now that it's such an easier and faster ask. In fact, I think I'm going to go clean it right now. And then I'll go clean it again.

Bucky may be slightly happier, but I'm a lot happier, and that's what really matters, after all.

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