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Thursday, July 07, 2011  

XM-I Getting on Your Nerves Yet? Part 2

As with last year's road trip, Trash is taking advantage of the long miles to torment me with XM radio. And this time, she documented it on Twitter, which, even though she limits her followers, will be excellent evidence for the prosecution.

There are specific rules: One, we have to listen to the song to the end. If Trash can't make it, it doesn't count, and she didn't tweet it. Second, she only tweets when I'm unhappy, so there are any number of songs that would be embarrassing to both of us. Three, one artist is banned. A second one was today. As you will see. Four, I am not allowed to turn down the volume, even though I can reach it better than she can. Five, no swearing allowed, because M. Edium's days of napping in the car are over. With those rules in mind, witness the horror:

you will be thrilled to hear that once again I intend to torment @mgiant w/bad music on our road trip. 1st up: Oh Sherry. I love XM radio.

I should have been gone.

HAHAHAHA Chris DeBurgh Don't pay the ferryman. OMG this one is too much for me. Really no way to top it.

Which is not to say she didn't try.

Ah yes, anything by Matchbox 20 will make @mgiant shudder. Have to remember that.

Joke's on her. Matchbox 20 has several songs I actively tolerate.

Marriage is give and take. Just sat through Ugly Kid Joe's Everything About You. SIGH.

I love that song because it's such a textbook example of a one-hit wonder.

Ah yes, a family favorite: Mambo #5.

I can't believe she played this with our child in the car.

@mgiant has no heart. Wham's Careless Whisper doesn't cause ANY happy feelings.

As Pamie said, it's not a happy song. Besides, I was happy when it's over.

@mgiant always packs CDs for our road trips. Does he actally think that will distract me? Because no.

I was hoping to hear some Mumford & Sons aside from the three songs that are currently on XM's rotation. That band has to be the greatest boon to Irish pub bands and other purveyors of deedly-deedly since beer.

Even The Nights Are Better is making @mgiant angry about how it's a rip-off of Arthur's Theme. #missingthepoint

Usually an accusation of plagiarism is enough to make her turn the channel.

Oh it is going to be a good morning! You Needed Me by Anne Murray makes @mgiant cry angry tears.

I drove Anne Murray to the airport once. She complimented my driving. She was a nice passenger. Unlike some people.

Wow. What are the chances that You Light Up My Life will actually cause @mgiant to self-harm? Stay tuned!

Actually, I find that song inspirational. If I can survive it, I can survive anything.

While listening to Killing Me Softly @mgiant stated that he doesn't plan to do it softly. You are my all witnesses!


OMG! It's OMC's How Bizarre. @mgiant is a lucky lucky man.

I would have been luckier if the song had been further along when she found it on the dial.

First up this morning? Jody Watley's Don't You Want Me? @mgiant: HELL NO. Guess that answers that.

Reunited by Peaches & Herb. YES YES YES. Except @mgiant's response was "What the hell are we listening to??" Neanderthal.

I never listened to the words before. Now I know why.

Followed by Wind Beneath My Wings! XM is on FIRE. Or at least @mgiant wishes it were. Or wishes *I* were. Hahaha

All of the firestarters were in the back of the truck.

@mgiant: Isn't this that Katy Perry song she sang w/elmo? me: yes! @mgiant: but you hate both of them! me: hehehehe

Color Me Bad should make even the coldest heart melt, but clearly @mgiant has a heart of stone.

By this point, I hadd retreated into myself.

For those of you wondering if there is any music off-limits, the only *artist* @mgiant has banned is Steve Miller. He HATES him.

I would explain, but once I get started ranting on this I'll have trouble stopping.

Interesting. Who would have thought the song to almost make @mgiant cry would be Hard Habit to Break. Sure, it's sad, but still...

He's addicted to her! It's so sad!

How Scritti Politti could make @mgiant say "you really hate me" I will never understand. This song RULES.

I actually don't hate this song as much as I remembered hating it. And there was a good chance she'd have kept looking for something worse.

Hahahaha Ginuwine's Ride My Pony. Poor @mgiant seems to be considering walking the rest of the way.

But not if I could find a pony.

A two-fer: Mr Big (Be with you) followed by Gerado (Rico Suave). @mgiant seems resigned.

This was at about eight thousand feet in the Grand Teton mountains. I had to conserve my oxygen.

@mgiant has a new way to fight the music: slowly turning down the sound Hell No.

It was worth a try.

Yes Yes Yes: High On You by Survivor. I note we are HIGH in the mountains. @mgiant just sighs.

I'm just going to sigh again now.

The Do Run Run Run! Shawn Cassidy! even better than Old Faithful!

But it was close.

@mgiant has called a ban on all songs by Capt & Tenille. 2nd artist after Steve Miller to recve full ban. Harsh!

She calls it harsh. I call it self-preservation.

The good news is that there's only one day of driving left. The bad news is that she's considering getting XM permanently.

Send help.

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How can you hate the Steve Miller Band? How is that even possible?

By Anonymous Cindy, at July 8, 2011 at 9:59 AM  

My friends and I like to call it "Killing me softly with insults." Because that's what it sounds like. And what it feels like.

By Blogger kmckee7, at July 8, 2011 at 3:26 PM  

It's sad that I know this, but it's "Da Do Ron Ron" that Shaun Cassidy sang in the 70s.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 8, 2011 at 8:15 PM  

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