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Saturday, July 02, 2011  


I'm at a conference right now in the Grand Tetons (and whoever named them that never met my wife), and it's pretty amazing. It's basically hanging out with the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World times two hundred.

Strict confidentiality rules prohibit me from naming any names, but I can tell you that I've met some fascinating, if not famous, individuals. Brilliant entrepreneurs, scientists, historians, former elected officials, and inventors are all here. It's by invitation only. Who invited me, you ask? I'm still working on that.

All I know is that this fancy vellum envelope arrived in the mail about two years ago, and I thought I was being invited to a timeshare presentation or something. But then Trash looked into it and quickly figured out that not only is it for real, it's something I really needed to go to.

This road trip we're on is kind of built around my attending this thing here in Jackson Hole, surrounded by Lord of the Rings mountains. I'm in seminars and lectures most of the day, M. Edium is in activities they offer for the kids, and Trash is exploring the grounds in and around the lodge, and working on a few projects. While admiring the ridonkulously spectacular view from the back patio, she overheard this, which was not from a Renaissance participant:

"You know, if I'm on a mission trip, and I have to share a room, or worse, a bathroom? Well, where's the appreciation?"

I've heard amazing talks on advances in so many fields these last couple days. But in just that one remark, Trash learned about some amazing advances in entitlement and missing the point.

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Two steps forward...three steps back. Hope you guys are having a great time.

By Anonymous GpG, at July 3, 2011 at 4:55 AM  

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