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Wednesday, May 04, 2011  

Vanity Unfair, Part 2

I saw so many movies last month that it took me forever to get back to the story of our leaky sink and our wet basement. But that doesn't mean that story's over. Not by long, damp shot.

So yes, I felt terribly clever for using Legos to tilt the vanity counter forward so that any water leaking out of the fixture would go into the sink and down the drain. The only problem with that temporary solution was that I neglected to make sure it would actually work.

By raising the two back corners, I had adjusted the direction of the downhill flow forward, but hadn't neutralized the leftward slant. So the next morning when I got up, all the water had leaked from the fixture and around the basin, onto the bathroom floor, and then into the basement. So now I had two floors to dry. Stupid Legos.

After cleaning up both messes, my next project was to align the sink so that leakage actually did go down the drain. Using some flatter pieces, I leveled off the left-right orientation and then dribbled some water onto the fixture so I could watch it flow straight into the sink. Which it did. Now I could relax and have time to consider my next move. Well, my second-to-next move, because my actual next move was going to be to send it to There I Fixed It. I wished the fixture would start leaking again so I could feel clever.

I felt less clever the next morning, when I was in the bathroom and heard a slow dripping sound. I couldn't see it, though -- until I opened up the vanity cabinet. Which was flooded. It seemed the water that used to leak out of the fixture above the sink was now leaking out below it. Fortunately, most of the water-soluble stuff we keep in there had already been destroyed the previous summer, so that was a win. And by now I was getting really good at drying the basement floor.

It was then that I finally figured out the permanent fix: turn off the water supply to the sink until the plumber came.

It turned out to be a simple solution; the plumber simply replaced the faucet cartridge. I would have felt better about the bill had I not just replaced that very cartridge myself ten months before.

But the good news, as always, was that I was done having to deal with ponds on the basement floor for the foreseeable future.

The bad news is that it turns out I have really shitty foresight.

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