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Monday, May 23, 2011  

The Question

I'm always a little jealous when I see a fellow blogger getting a chance to invite his or her readers to see them at some live event, not least because who wants to go watch me blog, anyway? If I could get people to see me do that I'd be all set.

I'm not to that point, but I am at the point where you can come watch me be a rock star. Twice next month, as a matter of fact. I play bass guitar in a band of fellow middle-aged rocker wannabees, and as of last month we're called The Question. What's our band called again? The Question. This is going to be a viral marketing gold mine, I can tell.

Gig Number One: We're playing at a place called the Maxx Bar & Grill in Ham Lake, Minnesota on Saturday, June 4. It's our official bar gig debut (not counting the Hard Rock Café in January, that is), and we're opening for a well-established local band called Snaggletoof. If we bring in enough people, we might get to open for them again in the future, and I can nag you to come to that gig as well.

Yes, it's in Ham Lake, which is way the hell up at 17646 Central Avenue. But on the other hand, we go on at 9:30, which means you have plenty of time to get there. Hell, even if you're spending that weekend up north at the cabin, you only need to come halfway back to check us out, and then you can return to the north woods with your ears still ringing. I know it seems like a long drive, but it's straight up Highway 65, the primary artery of the northern suburbs and exurbs and eventually the Iron Range. I used to live there myself. In fact, I'm sure I'll see some old neighbors there. Not that I'll recognize them because I didn't live there long enough to have met any of them.

Here's the poster. Note the key words, "NO COVER."

first show

Gig Number Two: If you've ever been to a St. Paul Saints game, you're well aware of the heady mix of minor league baseball and wacky randomness the franchise cultivates. If you haven't, you should come to the game on Friday, because we'll be playing at the tailgate party outside. This is in the more central location of Midway Stadium on Energy Park Drive in St. Pau, and if you come early enough to hear our whole set (I think the first band is starting at 5:00, although I have to confirm and get back to you), you probably won't have to walk from your car as far as you'd have to drive to the Ham Lake gig.

We'll be the second of two bands playing that evening, and technically I don't think you even need to buy tickets to hear us, because we'll be playing outside the gates. So really, we're not even shaking you down for the five-dollar general admission ticket price.

Come to one, come to both. And don't worry about not knowing any of our original songs, because we don't have any yet. We're still strictly a cover band, so you're bound to be familiar with at least one of our tunes, unless you've never listened to any rock music at all, in which case you probably should have stopped reading right at the beginning.

Sorry I can't plug any future gigs beyond June, but if you're aware of any openings, let me know in the comments. You've always come through in the past.

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