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Thursday, April 07, 2011  

Short Stuff

I feel like kind of an ass for not talking up Sarah's latest Donors Choose contest. It's just been bad timing for us. M. Edium is prepping for a big karate tournament on Sunday, two of my biggest day-job projects ever are in my lap concurrently, I'm sad about my grandmother, I keep having to clean up ponds in my basement, M. Edium is dealing with some crap at Montessori, and if Phil hadn't mercifully given me the week off you probably wouldn't even be reading this.

But that's no excuse for my abandoning public education in this country to the forces currently arrayed against it and hell-bent on its destruction, now is it?

I won't bore you with the depressing story of how M. Edium's kindergarten class got its room supplies, because it's apparently normal now. Just go to the contest pages and BOGGLE at some of the stuff that's not getting paid for in public schools these days. And then, you know, pay for it.

We haven't gotten around to our own contributions yet, but that's coming up quick. I won't go into detail, but M. Edium is going to have a lot of shopping to do.

Update: Well, now it can be told - we're doing a $1,000 match for the first $66,000. Which y'all already hit today, so we've got some work to do.

And then on to the next match!

Update Update: M. Edium picked his projects! He's super excited about each one of them. We'll post them later so you can join in the fun.

* * *

It's a big week for dictionary excitement. Hours before Pamie learned that she was in the OED, M. Edium picked out and bought his own first dictionary. He gave it a test drive while reading that night's bedtime story, Double Fudge by Judy Blume. Words looked up: "hives," "unanimous," and "laryngitis." We haven't checked "muffin top" yet.

Update Update UPDATE!: Not to give anything away, but one of the projects M. Edium funded had to do with dictionaries.

By the way, have you read those Fudge books lately? There may be crueler, eviler parents in literature, but I can't think of any who are more incompetent and ineffectual than Fudge's. It's like his older brother was born already in fourth grade and Fudge is the first actual child they've ever had to deal with.

* * *

So this middle-aged-dad-band I'm in has another gig lined up, playing for the tailgaters at the St. Paul Saints game on Friday, May 20th. Should be a fun gig. M. Edium's looking forward to it. We went to a game last year and there was a band playing then as well. We're both excited about that band being me.

The game (and the gig) is happening at Midway Stadium on Energy Park Drive in, of all cities, St. Paul. I assume, at least. If it's an away game we might have to go to Sioux Falls.

* * *

Even though M. Edium is six, I'm still semi-accustomed to being woken up in the middle of the night to help tend to his nocturnal emergencies. Sometimes it's bad dreams, sometimes it's a fever, sometimes it's just a wish to be carried into the bathroom. I should probably put the kibosh on that last one some time soon. But the other night it was piercing ear pain.

I woke up about 20%, got out of bed, and thought, woozily, Oh, great, he's got an ear infection in the middle of the night, what am I supposed to do now?

But then, as I was heading down the hall, I realized it was my ear that was hurting. He wasn't even awake.

Kind of a good news/bad news situation, but with the line between them reeeeeally blurred.

So I thought, How the hell did I get an ear infection in the middle of the night? But then the pain was gone this morning, so I figure I was just sleeping on it wrong until it protested. It probably wasn't even that painful, and just seemed that way because I'm a big pissy baby when I'm trying to sleep. What felt like a screaming, intolerable ten during the half-minute I waited for the sweet relief of blissful oblivion would probably be about π. And the even better news is that M. Edium doesn't have an ear infection.

As far as I know.

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It's okay he hasn't looked up "muffin top" yet. Keep his innocence for as long as possible!

By Blogger Pamela Ribon, at April 7, 2011 at 11:22 PM  

Fudge's parents are seriously the worst. I mean, he eats Peter's pet! And they're like "whoops!" he's horrible and Peter is just constantly expected to suck it up.

By Blogger CEB, at April 8, 2011 at 8:24 AM  

Ah, Fudge gets his comeuppance--at a certain point he becomes the middle kid. :P

And Sir, if you end up in Sioux Falls, be sure to broadcast/tweet/blog about it--I'll drive down to see your band!

By Anonymous SDpfeiffy, at April 8, 2011 at 12:19 PM  

I used to fall asleep in a way that somehow cut off circulation to my ear. When I'd roll over and the circulation would come rushing back, the pain would wake me up. Luckily it doesn't last that long.

By Blogger Unknown, at April 8, 2011 at 12:36 PM  

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