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Thursday, September 09, 2010  

Dew It Again

It's that time of year again, the time when I start shaking all of you down for donations in the name of the intellectual development of others. But it isn't Sarah's Donors Choose drive this time (she's taking a break from that, and given all the work she's done on it over the years I can't say I blame her). Instead, Pamie and Glark are once again hosting the Dewey Donation System drive. Being married to a librarian makes this a very big deal in our house, even though she's more of a Library of Congress type.

In the past, DDS has often been used to save libraries that are threatened by budget cuts and dwindling collections. But this time, the beneficiary is a library in Baltimore that has already been closed down, ten years hence. Does that mean it's too late to help? Hell no -- it was brought back as the Village Learning Place, a nonprofit library and learning center. And what's the only thing cooler than a library? A zombie library, back from the grave. I mean, come on!

Like all zombies, the place needs brains, but the analogy kind of falls down there because what this place does with brains is fill them, not eat them. But still, wouldn't you rather fill brains than eat them anyway? I understand they're very salty.

And you get to make your donation either in the form of books -- which you get to pick -- or money, the amount of which you also get to pick. It's like a zombie you control! Where's the bad, I ask you?

I’m a little late getting on this because it's been a busy week (day job, domestic projects. M. Edium starting kindergarten and taking the next step on the journey that will one day TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME FOREVER), but Trash and M. Edium have been picking up the slack. He loves picking out books, even if he's not going to get to read them. He's even found some of his favorites on the requested list and sent them along. Are any of your favorites on the requested list? Better check. Better check quick, before they're gone.

So, to conclude, once again, give through the Dewey Donation System It's totally worth it, especially to them.

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Thanks for sharing, and for making Dewey a project for the whole family. Writers, librarians, kindergartners, and Minnesota all rock!

By Anonymous Emily Gould, at September 10, 2010 at 7:29 AM  

Let me, please, just say: Zombie library sounds infintely cooler than nonprofit neighborhood library. Calling it that may just be the push we need to get kids reading?! Things that make you go hmmm......

By Blogger Unknown, at September 10, 2010 at 7:50 AM  

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