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Thursday, June 03, 2010  

Turning Turtle

Thought I'd give you an update on which of the two schools we'd narrowed it down to for M. Edium to start kindergarten at in September. As previously stated, one's further away, but has more resources and will challenge him further, while one is closer but seems less likely to push him out of the comfort zone he has that isn't much bigger than he is.

Of course, we could just leave it up to M. Edium himself. He's toured both of the schools now. He saw the farther away school a couple of months ago, but we didn't get to the closer school until just a couple of weeks ago. Up to that point, he'd been pretty dead set on the farther school, but we hoped that seeing the closer school would help him to have a more open mind to both options. Basically, this could be a wrenching decision for him, so we want it to be equally wrenching either way.

M. Edium followed along with me on the self-guided tour of the school on a late Friday afternoon, showing polite interest. I generally take his polite interest as sincere, if only because he's not yet old enough to fake interest out of politeness.

Then we got to the library. In a fish tank by the window was a turtle that looked just like Tuck on Wonder Pets, only a lot happier to see us. I've never seen such an excited turtle in my life.

Now, as we learned a few minutes later from the teacher who had adopted it, that may have been because it was her feeding time. And the teacher let M. Edium feed the turtle. So the turtle may be even happier to see M. Edium next time.

As he followed the teacher's instructions, dropping in pellets one at a time and then pointing them out to the nearsighted reptile with his finger, he learned all about her. Her name was "Lucky," because she had been rescued from the middle of the street by one of the school's students. No word on whether the student had also been dubbed "Lucky" as a result of darting into traffic to save a turtle, or if the kid was now simply known as "Grounded."

Needless to say, after M. Edium had made friends with Lucky the Turtle, he'd made up his mind that he was going to the closer school. Apparently Lucky trumps the biggest thing that the farther school had going for it, which was Star Wars books in the school library.

Of course, there may or may not have been some of those in the closer school, but I didn't look that hard. Again, we don't want to tip the scales in any given direction just yet, at least until his mom and I make up our minds.

After all, we have the rest of the month to do that.

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I inherited a turtle from a grade 8 science class once and Lucy the wonder Turtle was the best ever! She played with the cats, knew her name and ate food out of our hands. Totally worth the choice in schools in my opinion!

By Blogger Anna Crossley, at June 7, 2010 at 5:59 AM  

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