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Sunday, June 20, 2010  

M. Ovie Reviews: Toy Story 3

M. Edium and I went to see Toy Story 3 together, and after we got home and Trash wanted me to tell her about it, I began, "Well, there’s this cowboy doll named Woody and a space ranger doll named Buzz…"

And see, there's the problem with reviewing Toy Story 3. You either already know you're going to see it and love it, or else there's a cold, dead, blighted place where your heart used to be. What am I supposed to tell you about it that's going to make any difference?

I guess I could tell you that on the scale between "Brilliant" and "Perfect?" I'd say right in the middle. It's better than brilliant, but there's one scene near the end that goes a little too long to be strictly believable, but then you almost immediately realize that it all needs to be there. There's a deus ex machina, but it calls back to the first movie so brilliantly that the script almost seems to have the hand of deus in it itself. And by this point we're all so used to most of the voice actors that it isn't even distracting any more to be listening to the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen coming out of toys (although I was glad to have known in advance that Slinky Dog had been recast since the death of Jim Varney, because that shit was eerie).

And man, the theme hits you so hard. You already know that it's about what happens to the toys now that Andy is grown up and heading to college. It boils down to: life changes. Nothing lasts forever. When it ends, you're going to have to make some choices. You'll probably choose wrong. But if you're brave, and loyal, and unselfish, it'll turn out okay. Even though the world is full of total dicks.

It's easier to keep track of all of Andy's toys now, too, because the years have waged a war of attrition on them. It's just the core group now, which is realistic. although the Potato Heads still have an unlikely number of their parts, and Slinky Dog has the most durable Slinky I've ever seen.

Plus there are some great new characters. There's a rich vein of potential any time you bring in Ken, and they mine every G-rated speck of it. And we also learn that there's nothing creepier than a creepy baby doll, nothing sadder than a sad clown, and nothing meaner than a teddy bear that's gone rogue.

I hope that doesn't spoil too much. I'd tell you what M. Edium thought of it, but that dude's a spoiler machine. If you see him coming before you get to Toy Story 3, run. Our neighbor didn't, and probably wishes she had.

Oh, and also, it's hilarious. So there's that.

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I wish someone had told me to bring a tissue along to that movie because I cried and cried and cried. It was pretty good though. What impressed me the most about the movie was how happy they managed to make the toys look at the end of the movie even when they were in non-moving, non-speaking toy mode.

By Blogger Jen, at June 21, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

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