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Saturday, June 05, 2010  

Houston, Part I

Coming at you from our hotel suite in Houston. Yes, it's an actual suite, even though we're paying what we're used to paying for a room. M. Edium's feeling pretty smug about that.

Yes, that's the bedroom in the background. This is shot from the kitchen, shown below:

Note that it's equipped with a fridge, a microwave, a stove, a sink, and a dishwasher, as well as adequately stocked cabinets. No oven, though, so I felt pretty stupid coming back from the grocery store on the second day with a frozen pizza. Fortunately M. Edium didn't mind eating it chewy-style out of the microwave.

But we didn't come all the way to Houston to spend our time in the hotel suite, nice as it was. No. M. Edium couldn't wait to get out of the room and into what he came for:

With a pool behind the building, it actually took some convincing to get him to agree to head over to Johnson Space Center first. He claimed to be shy about meeting Clone Troopers there, but he needn't have worried. They don't have any. The Clone Wars exhibit, although it has pride of place the second you walk in, isn't that kind of thing. But that's fine, because the whole reason he wanted to come here was because he heard that you can get into a Space Shuttle cockpit, unlike the one at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where you can only walk through the back of the crew compartment. And here it he is, doing just that:

Alas, he didn't hang out in there very long. In fact, the only reason he isn't a blur going from one side of the frame to the other is because I made him hold still and smile.

He was much more interested in the five-story-tall play structure. If you're a parent of a child under ten, You've probably seen these terrifying towers of miniature mayhem, perhaps even crawled through one or two of them after your little one, trying desperately to keep him or her in sight while squeezing through passages designed for people a fifth of your size. Luckily, since this one is at NASA, it has live feeds from video cameras so you can see your kid most of the time without having to scramble up in there. Not that you can do anything about it.

He would have spent the whole time up there if I'd let him -- all three visits. On the last one, he even dragged me up there. Here he is, showing off the tiny little space he refers to as the "Escape Pod."

By the way, it doesn't work. I tried.

And when he wasn't there, he wanted to be in the pool back at the hotel. This afternoon, someone was having a tenth birthday party, and the whole pool area was filled with loud, boisterous, older kids he didn't know. Did that deter him from wanting to swim?

What do you think?

One more day left. We have to be out of the hotel by noon, have the car back by 5:00, and the plane leaves at 7:00. I'm sure he'll want to spend most of that time doing something like going to an art museum or maybe a wine tasting.

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