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Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Happy Mother's Day

With summer coming so early this year, Trash hit on the idea of going camping for Mother's Day.

"Are you sure?" I said. "It might be freezing."

Since we were having this conversation while walking through our neighborhood in t-shirts, in April, my argument didn't carry a lot of weight.

"But remember that time we had a Mother's Day picnic in the backyard?" I reminded her. "We were out there for like ten minutes and you wanted to go inside."

"It was colder then. We're camping."

So she scouted out a campsite -- only a half hour away from our house, just in case -- and made the plans.

For the week before Mother's Day, we watched the forecast with increasing dread. I mean, 50 is perfectly nice when you're close to home, and have access to all your sweatshirts and double-hung windows and a thermostat and blankets and a chiminea in the back yard. But I kept thinking back to our first night camping in the Black Hills last September, when it was too cold to sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. 50's bad enough, but a forecasted low of 34 is worse.

So on Friday night, at a time when we had originally been planning to be drinking wine around the fire, I was assembling our old camping gazebo, the one that goes over the picnic table when we camp. Except this time it was going to go over our backyard garden to keep the SNOW off of it.

On Saturday evening, when we were out walking again and it was nearly 60 degrees, Trash said, "This isn't so bad. I could have camped in this."

I reminded her that after multiple hours of being outside in below-fifty temperatures, it would take a lot more than edging over sixty at six o'clock to eliminate the chill that would have set into her bones. After all, this is a woman who sometimes has to take naps in the middle of the day due to minor spells of hypothermia.

We obviously made the right call. Trash didn't spend Mother's Day weekend freezing, and neither did the vegetables in her garden, thanks to the gazebo and the blankets and the space heater I brought out there (okay, I'm kidding about the space heater). Which is good, because the new gardening bench I got her for Mother's Day would have been kind of a kick in the teeth had she only been able to use it in what would have become a vegetable morgue. And that would have been a lovely thing on a day celebrating those who give us life and help us grow, right?

Happy Mother's Day, Trash. From me, and from someone else:


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