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Wednesday, March 03, 2010  

Use the Fork, Luke

Our friend CorpKitten sent M. Edium a couple of gifts a while back. One was The Star Wars Cookbook. The other was The Star Wars Cookbook II. Despite the latter's focus on long-forgotten characters from The Phantom Menace (unless you remember Sio Bibble, in which case: nerd), they are both awesome. The photography is quite entertaining, there are some funny stickers in the back (including one I stole the title of this entry from) and all the recipes we have tried are excellent. The book is aimed at kids, of course, and is a great way to get them interested in cooking. We have no complaints.

It's just that M. Edium won't eat any of the food we've made out of it.

It started with the TIE Fighter Ties. These are basically half-wieners with canned croissant dough wrapped around them in a vague solar panel shape. Looked great on paper, and tasted great to me. But after Trash had spent the better part of an hour first constructing and then baking a whole fleet of them, it was a little disheartening to see M. Edium strip off the breading and just eat the hot dogs naked. Kind of made her feel like she'd wasted 43 minutes.

We thought the Jabba Jiggle would be a success, as it's simply multicolored layers of JELL-O with fruit in it, and he likes both JELL-O and fruit. Yes, we had to use up three boxes to make it, but we figured he would get through most of it over the next few days. A week later, he'd eaten half a bowl.

Most recently, we made the Mos Eisley Morsels, which are supposed to be spice cake topped by blobs of mashed bananas to evoke the domed architecture of Tatooine. We made carrot cake instead and offered it both with and without bananas. Trash and I ended up eating most of both.

He wouldn't even dig into the Tusken Raider Taters, which are just tater tots (at least the way we made them), and they used to be one of his staple foods.

Pretty much the only success as far as he's concerned has been the Darth Malt. By the time we came around to this one, we were careful to warn him that whatever the accompanying photo might indicate, the end product would not include an Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure dangling inside the cup. I don't think he believed us, and I think he was still disappointed, but even he couldn't resist a chocolate milkshake with Whoppers chopped up in it.

Anyway, after the rejection of the R2-D2 Treats (chopped peanuts and melted white chocolate molded over a frozen half-banana with Kit Kat halves glommed onto the sides in a shape reminiscent of an astromech droid), we got the message. At this point, I'd be afraid to even offer him plain old blue milk.

It's clearly all about the presentation. He looks at the food in the cookbooks surrounded by all the props and toys, and that's what he expects. So it's clear what we need to do, to get him not only into cooking, but into willingly eating things that aren't mac & cheese.

First, our kitchen is relatively well-appointed, but it needs more action figures. Second, we need Glark to come help us cook. We'd be willing to pay in space pillows.

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You had me at space pillows. Mmmmm space pillows.

By Blogger Unknown, at March 4, 2010 at 2:58 AM  

Have you seen this? A friend forwarded it to me this morning.

Oh soooo cool! Make your own copy of Goodnight Moon – star wars style.
The text: http://www.dzignspace.com/goodnight/goodnight_forest_moon.pdf
The instructions: http://www.dzignspace.com/goodnight/

By Blogger Deanna, at March 5, 2010 at 12:45 PM  

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