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Tuesday, March 30, 2010  

Movies 1q10

Here's a thing I didn't expect to happen -- every movie I saw in the theater this quarter had at least one actor in it that I've recapped on TV. And so did most of the ones I watched at home. This was not at all intentional, although as the quarter wore on I found myself looking for faces whose previous performances I'd watched five seconds at a time. I won't bore you with who was in each one (unless someone asks), so let's get to it.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

M. Edium and I were shopping at Costco and he kept gravitating to the TV that was showing this, as he hadn't seen it yet. I told him to stick with me, and if we finished shopping in time, I'd hook him up. Wouldn't he rather see the whole thing all at once? And then that afternoon, we went to a second-run theater in a suburb that was still showing it. Dad win! He picked out seats for us in the front row, so it was kind of hard to see everything that was happening at once, especially when things got really crazy toward the end. Ultimately, I don't know which of us liked it more. Towards the end he tried to cover my eyes, which is what he does to his mom at the end of WALL-E because she cries every time. I'm not sure where that came from.

The Evil Dead

Second movie in a row that starred my personal hero, Bruce Campbell (also brilliantly cast as The Mayor in Cw/aCoM). I don't have to tell you about the movie itself because I first saw it in junior high and remembered it for years afterward as the scariest movie I'd ever seen, until I saw it again at a friend's apartment in my early thirties and thought, Damn, I was a wuss in junior high.

This was one of those Midnight Movies at the Uptown Theater. Now, Midnight Movies at the Uptown are pretty much a local institution, so they don't need to mess with them. But they have anyway. Specifically, there's an amateur filmmaker that someone at the Uptown has mistaken for some kind of "local celebrity," and they have him "host" some of the movies. "Host" in this context meaning "make the movie start later so he can waste a bunch of everyone's time and make it so they all get back to their cars when it's a half hour later and ten degrees colder." Obviously it's a pretty thankless task, but he keeps coming back.

Anyway, part of the "host's" pre-show "entertainment" was randomly selecting audience members to come up on the stage and play an game called "Plinko Apocalypse," which is just Plinko with the word "Apocalypse" painted on the homemade board right under the word "Plinko." Audience members were selected by drawing the numbers on their ticket stubs, and it took a while to get three players up there. The first was a surly blonde named Kelsey who pouted up there while the holders of the next few tickets that were drawn either couldn't find their stubs or kept quiet. I myself was fully prepared to stick mine into Chao's hand if it was drawn. As I told him at the time, "I'm a little scared of Kelsey."

This went on for a little too long until Kelsey finally piped up that the day before had been her birthday. "And you know what I want for my birthday? I kinda wanna see The Evil Dead."

See what I mean? Thankless.

More movies later in the week. Hopefully I can stretch this out until next quarter and I won't have to come up with any more new topics until July.

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