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Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

Secret Santa

Right around Christmas, when Amazon boxes were all but hailing down on our house, one showed up containing a mystery.

It was a pair of Star Wars items. One was a Star Wars Science kit. Star Wars Science, as you've probably surmised, is a line of Star Wars-themed science experiments. In this case, it was a volcano that's a miniature version of the one that famously turned Anakin Skywalker into a crispy critter. It has containers where you pour ingredients that then bubble up and overflow like lava.

The other item was an R2-D2 Play-Doh playset. It comes with a couple of containers of Play-Doh, and a toy R2-D2 that can be used to make different Play-Doh shapes but is cool enough to be fun even without Play-Doh.

Now, if I told you that M. Edium has played with everything he got for Christmas, I'd be lying. But he has spent lots of quality time with both of these gifts. And it's not hard to see why. If there's anything he likes better than Play-Doh, it's volcanoes. If there's anything he likes better than volcanoes, it's science. If there's anything he likes better than science, it's Star Wars. And if there's anything he likes better than Star Wars, it's Play-Doh.

So obviously with such a perfectly targeted gift, we assumed that it had been sent by a close friend. But the tag had no sender's name, and we couldn't figure out how to research it. Hell, he still has his wish list under the name "M. Tiny." If we can't find out how to change that, we're not going to be smart enough to research an anonymous gift.

It would have been easy just to tell him that it came from Santa Claus, but that would be lying, wouldn't it?

So we asked some of our friends who hadn't already given him a gift or sent one with their name on it, "Did you send this to him?" They'd always be like, "…no…" and then a few days later, a gift for M. Edium would show up from them. Which was really not our intention. And I'd appreciate you not telling him about this when he gets older, because I don't want him shaking the trees in Januarys to come, hoping to take the edge off his post-holiday letdown.

So now I come to the point of this entry, now that I think we're far enough from Christmas for my intent not to be misinterpreted. Please don't take this the wrong way.

Did you send them?

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Hi M. Giant - I sent these gifts to M. Edium. I'm a long-time reader of this website and your TWOP recaps and wanted to send a little something to M. Edium as a way to thank you for the entertainment you have provided.
I am surprised there was no name on the Amazon receipt, but glad the Star War gifts were such a big hit and he ended up getting some extra gifts out of the mystery.

By Anonymous Michael, at February 13, 2010 at 5:38 AM  

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