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Friday, January 29, 2010  

Gym Dandy

I told you about M. Edium's gymnastics tryout, but I didn't really give much detail on how it went. To be honest, it didn't start off that great.

The way it works is that the kids are in the main gym, which is fully equipped. Music is supplied by a stereo mounted on the wall, 95% of the carpeted floor is also covered by thick padding, and there are rings, a balance beam, padded ramps, and a padded vault horse, all arranged at heights designed for people who are even smaller than gymnasts.

We got there early, while the previous class was still going on. You have to cross the gym to get to the bathroom, which M. Edium claimed to have to do right away. And then again two minutes later. I think he just wanted to be in the gym.

But oddly, once he was in there with the class he was auditing, I didn't go quite the way we expected. Keep in mind that although most of the other kids in there were his age or younger, they were in their seventeenth or eighteenth week of a twenty-week semester. M. Edium felt a little out of his league. While the two instructors started running through the warm-up moves, M. Edium preferred to sit off to the side.

Trash told me, "Go tell him to take part." I went in an told him to take part.

He did for a while, but then he went and sat down again.

Trash told me, "Go tell him again."

"I think it's your turn," I said.

"I'm reading this paperwork," she said.

So I went in and told M. Edium again to participate.

After the third time, he started getting into it more. It looked like it might actually be worth it to sign him up for a class. So Trash went ahead and did that. And then she went back to reading the paperwork while I watched the kids.

After a while, she showed me something in the orientation packet, specifically the section on information for parents.

It said, "Do not enter the gym to correct your child. That is what the instructors are for."

"Huh," I said.

A bit later, she pointed out another interesting passage.

"Do not be concerned if your child does not participate at first. This is completely normal."

"How about that?" I said.

She went on reading, but didn't really come across anything relevant. Other than the part about children needing to be barefoot in the gym. I looked out at M. Edium, running around in his stocking feet. He was off to one side again.

"I think you'd better go in there and take his socks off and also tell him to participate more," I suggested. "In fact, why don't you kind of follow him around for the rest of the class?"

She did not take my suggestion.

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