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Thursday, December 31, 2009  

Movies 4Q09 Part 1

Not a bad showing for this quarter, especially the week I saw three movies in three days. Which were, in order:

Paranormal Activity

This was the jumping-off point for an entry back when I saw it, so I don't know that I have a whole lot to add. I just know that if anyone ever makes a horror movie where every character heeds all the warnings, signs, and portents that fill the first and second act, the ending is going to be a giant letdown.


I can't resist a good zombie movie. But then I can't resist a bad one, either. So I can never tell which is which. I loved Bill Murray's cameo, although you'd have to think that any guy smart enough to survive the zombie apocalypse would know better than to walk into a room of armed non-zombies while looking like a zombie -- twice.

Where the Wild Things Are

Everyone pretty much loved this movie, although I only liked it a lot. I found myself a lot of the time thinking, Say something! Although it's hard to say how much of that was because I was constantly distracted by trying to identify the voices of some of the actors playing the monsters.

An again, that was all in one week. Think it's a coincidence that this was also the week that M. Edium was out of town on a road trip with my parents that week?

Speaking of road trips, come back in a few days for the last batch, and my ranking of everything I saw this year. Unless of course you have a life.

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