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Monday, October 12, 2009  

Smooth Move

In between home repair projects, one forgets how much time is spent just waiting for stuff to dry. I mean, fortunately you can do other things while the various substances you have applied to various surfaces do their thing, or else I wouldn't have gotten anything else done all week.

For instance, I already told you about how my search for my power sander resulted in finding the roll of wallpaper I needed to fix the wall under the window. Trash and I were both happy about that, although we're still trying to come to a compromise about the exact size of the sheet of Plexiglas that I'm going to screw onto the wall to keep the damage from happening again. I'd like a fairly large sheet that goes all the way to the floor trim, whereas Trash refuses to even consider the idea of listening to me ask if I can suggest thinking about installing one at all. Somewhere in the middle we'll find a compromise.

But with that fixed, I couldn't put off the search for the sander any more. I spent a half hour on Wednesday night searching for it in the basement, and drafted Trash to help me ransack the garage the following day. Nothing. However, I did find lots of sandpaper sheets and sanding screens, as well as a couple of sandpaper holders for hand-sanding. Obviously the universe was trying to tell me something. And with M. Edium's birthday-party deadline ten days away, I was running out of time.

So I sucked it up and did the sanding the old-fashioned way. This was not, admittedly, without its advantages. I was able to use a little water on the surfaces to keep the dust down. It wasn't as noisy. I didn't make the mistake of over-sanding, rubbing too much away just because I had a machine. When every stroke is done by hand, you don't do any extra. So all in all, there was less noise, surface damage, and dust. Oh, except the dust. There was still a shitload of that.

But the good news was that I had it ready to prime -- and better yet, primed -- by the end of the day. Nothing left to do but the painting and the crown molding.

The painting happened on Saturday. That went fairly well, except for the fact that M. Edium insisted on helping (beginning by slapping a white-laden roller on the taupe wall) and the more annoying problem of the ceiling paint being kind of old and thus smelling like spoiled fake crab. Trash didn’t appreciate that part very much, since she doesn’t' even like fresh fake crab.

But I got two coats up (keeping the exhaust fan on and a wet towel rolled up against the bottom of the door to keep Trash from vomiting), one with M. Edium's help and one after he went to bed. When that was done. I opened up the can of the color we have on the walls, and touched up a number of spots that have been damaged for a while, and a few that got scraped up during the ceiling installation.

But before I could do that touch-up work, I needed a brush. Most of the ones I had in the house were still wet from being used on the ceiling, so I had to get a new one. I dug in the bin of paint supplies in the basement.

I was surprised at how deep I had to dig to find a brush. I wasn't remotely surprised when I got to the bottom of the bin and found the power sander. That's just part of being me.

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Hey, you might want to let a certain gentleman of a medium stature know that the Christmas book project is now officially funded. I went back to check on it, seeing if I needed to take out my chisel again and it was a done deal :-)

C'mon. You've got me for the month of October. Time to point and click me again.

By Blogger Land of shimp, at October 12, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

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