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Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

A Good Walk Spoiled

Trash and M. Edium and I decided to go for a walk to the library on Sunday, motivated by the combined euphoria of having his party behind us and the fact that it was looking like one of the last really nice days of 2009. Now that the party had been successfully brought off, the main thing we had left to stress about what kind of workspace we're going to come up with now that Trash is telecommuting to her job almost as much as I am. But we came upon a potential solution to even that, barely a block away from our house.

Trash's typical work space when she's at home is the kitchen table, but it's far from perfect. Aside from the fact that it's an ergonomic nightmare, there's the noise issue. Meaning, she can't tolerate any. If she's on a conference call, I can't run the dishwasher or the sink or the microwave or the trash can lid or the cupboard doors or even the refrigerator, as far as I can tell. I joke about how when she gets on the phone I'm suddenly living in the Flowers in the Attic house, but she's half deaf anyway and I can kind of see her point. Especially when the high school marching band used to go blasting past her window (not kidding).

At her old job, she would telecommute on her own desktop in our upstairs bedroom, but our current employer requires her to be on her work laptop to access the network, and there's just not room for that on her upstairs desk. So it's either the kitchen or the living room love seat.

Until we came upon a miniature computer desk that someone had left out on the sidewalk during our Sunday afternoon walk. I suggested bringing it home, and we'd find a place for it later. And I knew we had to hurry, because of how fast the Jawas in this neighborhood move when it doesn't involve M. Edium's dresser. I started rolling it down the sidewalk back to our house while M. Edium and Trash went on ahead, Trash promising, "We'll go slow."

"So will I," I said.

Some time later, I got it back to our house and just parked it in the front yard, among the gravestones and fence sections (though far back from the curb, just to avoid any confusion). Then I headed back out to catch up with Trash and M. Edium.

This didn't take as long as I expected, because by the time I saw them again, they had found a child-sized plastic Adirondack chair that someone had turfed. So I had to bring that home before coming back to rejoin the walk.

"This is going to be the longest walk to the library ever, isn't it?" I said.

Trash suggested that this time, I should come back with the car.

"Good idea," I said. "Then I can just follow along next to you, and if you see anything else you want, you can just throw it in the back."

They didn't find anything else. I met them at the park that's on the way to the library, and M. Edium played there while Trash went on ahead and returned his stuff. Then she came back and he played for a while longer, and we all drove home. Trash didn't know that I was being careful to drive the same way we went, lest we see a discarded refrigerator that we just had to have.

But this is how it starts, isn't it?

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Aha! Get rid of one thing, bring home, that's our problem also!

It's still October, and I'm still chiseling away at the Donor's Choose project. Check both "Classroom Bully" (which just saw funding completion! Woo hoo!) and the Robot challenge for this week's progress :-)

By Blogger Land of shimp, at October 21, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

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