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Thursday, September 24, 2009  

Let it Slide

Yeah, I know I promised no vacation slides, but Flickr links are different. For instance, you can get up and leave and I won't be offended. Seriously. Hey, where you going?

The first place we whipped out the old thousand-kilopixel HP was in the Badlands:

The Badlands

Every time I come here, I'm struck by the need to try to capture a significant part of this vast, beautiful wasteland on film. And every time, I'm struck by the futility of attempting to do so. Fortunately, this time I also captured someone's Uncle Phil. Bonus!

At least it's not the Baldlands

Now this is really what the Badlands is all about. To look at this picture is to gaze into the abyss of my mortality. All is barren and dead. There is no future here. Of course I'm referring to the gray in my hair.

As weird as the rock shapes in the Badlands are, check out some of the crazy shit a hundred miles or so to the west:

The Beatles

Dude takes on a multi-century sculpting project, and it's the horse that's crazy?

Okay, the one on top didn't occur naturally. The one on the bottom might be, though, going by how long it's taking.

This is just a big honkingloud:

Big honking cloud

You don't get those here in Minneapolis. Or if you do, you can't see the whole thing at once anyway.

Trash has never been able to sit through Dr. Strangelove. If she had, I doubt she would have let me take this picture at Ellsworth Air Force Base:

Young Slim Pickens

At some point, M. Edium got it in his head that he wanted a blue or green cave crystal. Eventually we found the aptly named "The Rock Shop," which had seemingly acres of geological specimens. He got his crystals, although now not a one of us could tell you where they are. But he did get to spend a little time with some new friends he made in front of the building:

Why doesn't it beep when it backs up?

Even if the rocks are gone, they were way cheaper than admission to the Reptile Gardens, Petrified Gardens, and Flintstones Park, all three of which this covers.

This year, Mitchell's Corn Palace is decorated with an "America's Destinations" theme.

Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

Other panels feature NASA, The Statue of Liberty, and the St. Louis Arch. Between the rendering of Mount Rushmore on the front and Crazy Horse on the side, I wish I'd thought to walk all the way around it to see if it showed any other landmarks we'd visited on the trip. I'm now imagining that the back shows the Corn Palace itself, complete with a decoration of the Corn Palace on it, on and on into an infinite regression. Or at least as infinite as you can get when your resolution is limited to the size of a corncob.

Trash and I hate Sioux Falls, but we liked this:

The titular falls

Sioux Falls Park turned out to be a lovely place to take in some scenery and enjoy a surprisingly nice breakfast. Of course, Sioux Falls being Sioux Falls, they stuck it in a hard to find spot in an industrial area. I suppose I should just be glad this is upstream from the sausage factory, if only just barely.

There's roughly a metric shit-ton more photos from the trip in our Flickr photostream. It tells me how many times people have looked at them, you know. And if some of those numbers don't go up, I'm going to be really offended.

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I looked through your Flickr pictures, and your campsite looks beautiful. I'm impressed that M. Edium is such a good camper at so young an age. Good job mom and dad!

By Anonymous Erin, at September 25, 2009 at 7:36 AM  

Was this your cabin?


If so, you're right. It's super-cute.

By Anonymous Tim B, at September 25, 2009 at 8:04 AM  

Wow, I was at Crazy Horse about five or six years ago and what do you know? It looked exactly the same! They will never, ever finish it.

By Blogger Unknown, at October 1, 2009 at 7:22 PM  

So I shouldn't show Trash this picture?


By Anonymous Jenn B, at October 3, 2009 at 5:55 AM  

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