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Tuesday, September 01, 2009  

High and Dry

So let me tell you about our "drying equipment." It was delivered on Tuesday afternoon, after the contractor guy had been and gone. Its stated purpose was to remove all the moisture from the infrastructure of our home, allowing us to effect repairs without worrying about rot so we could look forward to living happily here for the next hundred years. Its actual purpose was to ruin our lives.

Here's what "drying equipment" means. In this context, we're talking about one of those big blower fans shaped like a giant blue snail, paired with a giant dehumidifier about half the size of a phone booth. You would actually have to stack two of these dehumidifiers on top of each other to get the proper height. Which we could have done, had we wanted. As it happens, there were two of these dehumidifiers in our house, as there were two giant fans. And in addition to getting all of the moisture out of the bathrooms, they keep all the people out of the bathrooms, because no one wants to go in there.

First of all, there's a big heavy dehumidifier blocking most of the doorway. And then, once you squeeze past that, the fan is crowding the toilet. And turning the whole bathroom into a wind tunnel. Have you ever tried to pee standing up in a wind tunnel? One word: inadvisable.

Furthermore, having these machines on all the time is causing the little wheel on our electric meter to spin like the blade on a Skilsaw. Our insurance company might cover the entire cost of the repairs, if as I suspect the power bill matches our deductible.

Added bonus: they're noisy, so nobody in the house could hear anyone else, even when in the same room. They freaked Phantom out, causing her to yowl like she had her foot trapped in one of them. And the humidifiers were fitted with these long rubber output hoses that in theory are supposed to dump the collected humidity in the bathtub, but in fact dumped it on the floor.

But at least they were due to be picked up on Friday. So the guys came to check it out to make sure everything was dry that day.

It wasn't. So we got to spend the whole weekend with our noisy, bulky, expensive friends. Did I miss them when they left on Monday? I did not.

But at least I had a head start on the demolition part of it. More on that next time.

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You have my sincere sympathy. In the past 5 years I have had to endure the horrible loud noise twice. Once at my cabin where the toilet kept running till the freshly pumped (thank God) holding tank filled up and backed up into the cabin and covered almost the entire first floor.
Second time was a downfall of melting snow and ice which came into the ceiling of my condo and ruined 3 rooms. That lead to discovery of long standing mold and stud deterioration which the condo association has been slow to do anyhing to fix the entire building.
Water is not a friendly thing out of its proper place.

By Blogger patricci, at September 2, 2009 at 5:40 AM  

Oh gosh, we had those in our house this spring when our water heater gave up the ghost. Six of them, and all but one in the living area of our house. There was simply no getting away from the incessant, loud noise. By the time they got carted away SIX DAYS LATER I was on my last nerve. I think if they had been in my house one more hour I would have committed homicide.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 2, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

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