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Monday, July 27, 2009  

Dig It, Part IV

Okay, where was I?


I forgot to get a picture of them before dark, but that's okay, because they don't really count anyway. See, we didn't actually plant radish seeds. But on a whim, just a few weeks ago, Trash decided to stick a few expired radishes in the ground to see what would happen. What happened was these cute little radish plants popping up at random intervals. I think if she knew that was going to work she would have put more thought into where she buried them.


Window garnish

These plants are doing absolutely spectacular. That may be because Trash didn't plant them in the garden at all, but in the window boxes in front. That means they get direct sunlight from noon on, plus the reflected sunlight from the window directly behind them. This was the first thing we planted that I ate. We're still eating it. Do you have any idea how smug it makes you feel when you're cooking, and instead of reaching into the pantry for parsley you stick your hand out the window and pick a few shoots? It makes me want to smack myself.


Will you for God's sake just let us grow a while longer?

Trash planted these too close together initially, mainly because those damn seeds are so tiny. But eventually they got big and strong enough for her to decimate them, and they show signs of actually producing. M. Edium has already pulled three carrots out of the ground himself and eaten them. They're smaller than his pinky, but they're orange and they exist.

Green Onions

Hellooo, ladies.

For the longest time, these were nothing but wispy green hairs, basically the vegetable version of my beard. But in the last few weeks, I think they've really turned the corner. I bet if we uprooted one, we'd discover a tiny, pale, vaguely onion-flavored little bulb at the end. Much like when I uprooted my beard hairs.

Maybe eventually I'll post photos of the final harvest. But since I happened to visit a historical site last this week that had a garden that fed six people in the 1850s, I'm feeling a little intimidated. That thing was bigger than our entire lot. Combined with the lots of three of our neighbors on each side.

Still, maybe we'll get a decent space-pillow or two, especially if we count the pre-sprouting potatoes I stuck into the ground behind the house last week. If we can pull that off, it'll be worth it.

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It's fun to play farmer, isn't it? I do know what you mean about being intimidated by the size of a garden actually meant to be a major source of food, though.

My husband loved his summer gardening, at the end it generally yielded about enough produce for a week's worth of veggies, but it was fun. Plus, it made the squirrels really happy!

Which is another way of saying, watch out for the squirrels or they'll treat your garden like the produce section of Squirrel World, where everything must go.

Good luck!

By Blogger Land of shimp, at July 27, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

Oh, so much word on the squirrel thing, LOS. The little bastards 86'd my red basil within hours of planting. And they've spread the word to their little bunny and raccoon friends. It blows my mind that I'm hosting a salad bar in the city, and my mom's garden five miles out in the country, which you'd think would be critter heaven, goes unmolested.

Your garden is gorgeous, M. Giant! I love that pea trellis and the radish windowbox. Have you thought about training the squash up a sturdy trellis, or is there some "pruning" with the lawnmower in the cards?

By Anonymous KKB, at July 28, 2009 at 5:43 AM  

We have no squirrels, but we do have giat, disgusting tomato hornworms.

Lucky us, we also have Praying Mantises, which seem to regard said worms as large, juicy green burritos.

Um, yuck. I just grossed MYSELF out.

Anyway, awesome job for first timers! It gets easier every year, I swear.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 28, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

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