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Friday, July 24, 2009  

Dig It, Part III

Thanks to everyone who took their cue and requested photos of the garden. Now I don't feel like such a bore for providing them, which honestly I was going to do anyway. So here's how everything's doing:


That grass is going to get…what's the word? Flattened.

We've been warned that if we're not careful, those vines will take over the whole plot. And indeed, they do seem to be trying to expand beyond the area allotted to them. Fortunately, Trash had the foresight (or blind luck) to have planted the squash at the edge of the plot, so now she's working on steering the extra vine length out of the plot and into the yard. You might think I would be pleased about that, as it represents a smaller area of back lawn where I'll have to continue failing to grow grass. You would be wrong, because I would rather have dirt than squash.


Are we done for the season, or what? We can't seem to decide.

I don't much like peas, but it turns out that when they appear, it's in groups of two or three, and they come in these cunning little pockets made of some kind of green matter. Now those are tasty.


Nice melons

I think the cantaloupes all died. But then, one morning when I was cutting up one from the store for M. Edium's breakfast, I decided to save the seeds. There are a shitload of those things in there. After a while, Trash decided to try sprinkling some of them on the ground where the old cantaloupes had been, and they took hold like the Rage virus. We used to pull weeds out of the yard. Now we pull cantaloupe plants.

On the other hand, a squash plant has somehow invaded their territory. See how they like it.


At least we've got a view.

Yes, but we've got a STREET view.

We had to buy cages for these, because I guess they'll escape otherwise. But they're thriving in captivity. This is the only vegetable we have both in back and in front. Trash had a couple of plants in the end of the window box that has since been given over entirely to parsley (see below), but they got so big that she had to transfer them into a planter, lest our kitchen window do this. We've got a lot of tomatoes coming, I think. Too bad Trash is the only one who sort of likes them a little.

Green Peppers

My babies!

Green peppers are probably my favorite vegetable. Perhaps that's why these are my favorite plants. I can't even be objective about them. The other day, Trash said she was worried about them getting too much shade from the adjacent tomato plants. If anything happens to the tomato plants, I was with you, okay?

This is going longer than I expected, especially with the photos. Maybe I'll post the rest in a couple of days, both to keep you coming back and so I don't have to think of a new topic then.

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have to ask...what's with the Taiwanese flag in the tomato plant

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 25, 2009 at 5:38 AM  

Oh yes, there will be zucchini. Enjoy your fresh veggies, they look great!

By Anonymous nancy, at July 26, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

Fresh, home-grown tomatoes taste NOTHING like store-bought. They are awesome. Store-bought tastes like tomatoey cardboard and is gross, but home-grown? I could eat them all day. They are fantastic when fresh.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 29, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

You can, in fact, trellis or tomato-cage the squash (also works well for cucumbers). Just keep an eye out so that if any monster squashes/cukes develop, you can support them so they don't break off the stem before fully ripening.

My grandmother used to support them with old pantyhose (um, nylons? whatever you call them in your neck of the woods...). She'd make a sling-type device for them and they'd rest, nestled gently in someone's old hosiery, while they grew.

Oh and fresh parsley is THE BEST. If you add a little basil and perhaps cilantro in that herb window box for next year, imagine how smug you could feel! :D

By Blogger Heather, at August 3, 2009 at 7:10 PM  

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