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Tuesday, May 05, 2009  

Heavy Construction

Every once in a while, something happens that shows me that in the pioneer days, I would have died.

That's what the experience of building M. Edium's new play center has taught me. Between Trash and myself, it's taken weeks just to figure out which one we would get. It had to be one that would a) fit in his fenced-in play area next to the garage, b) have more than one thing for him to do, c) be reasonably safe, and d) cost less than three thousand dollars.

To say the least, without my parents' help, we'd be screwed. I met them at the lumberyard the other day to pick up the kit and the wood for the plan we'd chosen and load it into their pickup truck. Even with my station wagon, I don't think I'd have been able to get all the lumber into my car, unless M. Edium and I rode home on the roof.

And then, because we didn't get a pre-cut kit, we were going to have to cut all the wood to size. Fortunately mom and dad took care of that, too, hauling it all home and spending the afternoon on that project, and doing a much better job of it than I would have. So when they showed up at our house Saturday morning with all the pieces in the back of the truck, it was effectively like I'd gotten a pre-cut kit. Which worked out quite nicely for us.

And then there's my dad's superior carpentry skills. I have no problem nailing and screwing boards together, as long as they don't have to be straight and square and true. Once I built an occasional table whose legs were so rickety that whenever we moved it you never knew if it was going to come down on three feet or four.

But Dad and Mom helped Trash and me erect the primary frame part of the set, which is like a miniature two-story house. After they put in several hours of hard labor, Trash and I continued on, shoring up the structure and installing the flooring and three railings. And by the time we were done, we were totally exhausted. Next it's my father-in-law's turn, to make some final alterations. Otherwise I don't think this thing would be done by winter, which if it were our only shelter + in this climate = death.

But maybe I wouldn't have died in the pioneer days, as long as I had my parents and Trash with me and lots of power tools and pre-cut lumber to build my log cabin out of.

Of course, I also wouldn't have a pre-existing fence it had to fit inside, so maybe it would all even out.

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digger derricksI love your mission statment, thowing stuff at the internet to see what sticks. Very original, kudos on the blog!

By Anonymous digger derricks, at February 4, 2010 at 12:04 PM  

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