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Thursday, April 02, 2009  

The Quarter in Movies, Part 2

Continuing with my take on the movies I saw in the 1Q09 2.0:

The Wrestler

Also saw this with Chao and his out-of-town nephew. They said they could see how Aaronovsky kept the budget so low: there didn't seem to be a single camera tripod on the set. Instead, it looks like he would just stick the camera in a wagon and have the actors pull it around behind them for long stretches of the film. Good cast, though. Good at acting. Good at pulling wagons.


I've walked out of two movies in my life. One was The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, and I left that because I was with Trash and she'd had enough. This one, I walked out on my own. Barely.

This was another Saturday midnight movie at the Uptown with Chao. I knew almost nothing about it going in except what I'd read on the blurb at the theater's web site. It starts out as a deliberate, slow-moving romance between a widower and a young woman who's clearly got some issues. Turns out she has a whole subscription. After ninety minutes of romance and talk, I was so not prepared for this to turn into Japanese torture porn.

Maybe I could have made it to the end if I hadn't stuffed myself at Fogo de Chao that very evening. It's an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat restaurant, and I had filled myself up clear to my epiglottis. I wasn't hungry again until Monday. So maybe that had something to do with my reaction to some of the shit that went down in Audition's third act. Or maybe there aren't any circumstances under which I would be okay with seeing a mutilated dude who is kept prisoner in a laundry bag and lives on his captor's vomit. Whatever the case, tunnel vision and nausea set in, and I believe I actually passed out in my seat briefly. When I came to, I stumbled out to the bathroom, spent some quality time in there, then waited in the lobby until the gagging and choking sounds from the auditorium (most of them from the film, I believe) came to an end and Chao rejoined me.

So I don't know what actually happens at the end, but what makes me feel better is that neither does Chao.


It's becoming a tradition for Tara and Dave to come to town and let me drag them to something they've already seen. They could avoid this by not seeing anything for two months before they get here. A longtime Neil Gaiman fan, I enjoyed this movie a great deal. Even if I did think the casting of Teri Hatcher as a pretty lady who slowly transforms into a bony, spindly spider-bitch was a little on the nose.


Dick. Dork Dong. Penis. Bits. Dingly-dangly. Cock. Shaft. Bone. Main vein. I'm only doing this because every review, article, and Tweet I read about this movie made reference to the distracting power of Dr. Manhattan's big blue wang.* Why always "wang?" Is it unconscious alliteration? Whatever the case, it was nowhere near as distracting, nor was the movie itself as bad, as I had been led to believe. I didn't have high expectations, so I was able to enjoy it like an "Illustrated Classics" version of a illustrated classic, if that makes any sense.

Another movie I saw with Chao, who had never read the graphic novel. He also dug it, but was aware of not being up on all the backstory. "Like coming in on the second season of Friends," he said. I'm sure Alan Moore would appreciate the comparison.

So that's what I've seen as of this quarter. We'll pick this up again in three months, or maybe six, or maybe next week. It's entirely up to me.

*Except Sundry, who came up with "Dr. Manhattanhood." FTW!

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