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Saturday, December 27, 2008  

Christmas Crap

Here's a sign we're raising our child right: the other night at Christmas, he told my sister through giggles, "Don't tickle me!"

"Why not?" she laughed.

"It's bad for the environment!" he insisted.

In a few years he might even figure out a way for that to be true.

* * *

We also seem to be raising a science geek. Among the Christmas gifts he played with today were a small erupting volcano, an actual working microscope, and roughly fifteen different space shuttles. Check this out:

Just the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow goggles are worth the price of the kit.

He also got a bunch of WALL-E merch that, as far as we could tell, wasn't even available until a couple of weeks before Christmas. I've bitched before, either here or elsewhere, about what a trial it's been to shop for WALL-E toys this year. It's like the Disney Pixar people sat down with the toy distributors, who listened to all their ideas about possible toy concepts, and then threw it all out and flooded the stores with Speed Racer shit instead. Meanwhile, our son was greeting us every morning with ideas for toys that he had literally dreamed up the night before. Okay, so maybe a working Autopilot that attaches to tracks on your bedroom ceiling isn't entirely viable, but there's no reason we can't buy an Axiom security robot when the goddamn biplane that's in five seconds of Cars can be had for twenty bucks.

But then Trash found a bunch of new stuff online and ordered about half of it. I won't go into everything, but my favorite item is a t-shirt that reads, "My family spent 700 years on the Axiom and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

Which isn't all that funny if you haven't seen WALL-E, I admit. But M. Edium has seen it several times, and he doesn't get it, either. He asked me to read it to him. I did. "What does lousy mean?" he asked. I told him. "But I like Axiom t-shirts," he protested, confused. I explained about how when I was growing up, kids would always come to school wearing "My parents went to Florida/Mexico/Hawaii/Syria" shirts, and how this was a play on that. "So it's like a joke," he finally said, with a little chuckle.

He either got it or was pretending. Since both skills will be invariable to him growing up in my house, I'm fine either way.

Then there's the t-shirt I'm wearing, courtesy of our good friends at Glakware:

I had to explain that joke to him, too. Naturally, I lied.

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do you mean invaluable? I'm confused.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 28, 2008 at 8:59 PM  

Obsessed with grammar: You mean obsessed with vocabulary.

I want to see pics of the new room layout! I love to see how other people decorate their kids' rooms.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 29, 2008 at 9:05 AM  

I thought of M.Edium while we were perusing the wonders of FAO Schwarz last weekend. Along one wall (which I only looked at in passing because we were hurrying to find a bathroom following an "Oh Mommy I have to go NOW and it is an EMERGENCY" announcement), they had a whole array of NASA astronaut gear. I'm talking space suits, helmets, etc.

Next time Trash is doing a bit of online shopping, you should check it out. Might make a great bday present or preschool graduation present or something!

Happy New Year to the three of you!

By Blogger Heather, at December 31, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

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