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Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

Spoiled Rotten

People don't like to see kids being spoiled. They probably don't like it the other way around, either.

I remember when M. Edium was still M. Tiny, a helpless baby who nonetheless possessed a fearsome power: the ability to spew noise and bodily fluids in volumes that were absolutely alarming. Now that he's older, he doesn't do that any more. He spews Wall·E spoilers instead.

He doesn't do it to me, because he knows perfectly well that I've already seen it. I was with him, after all. But he loves going on at length about this bit or that, whether it came from the Wall·E movie, the Wall·E website, any of his Wall·E storybooks, or the Wall·E videogame demo I downloaded for him.

I'm starting to realize I may be somewhat complicit in this situation.

But never mind that. Here's what I heard him say to one of his teachers when I went to pick him up this evening, more or less:

Everything you see and hear if you click here, click on "videos," and scroll down to "Space Walk." That's a paraphrase, of course.

The teacher says he's been talking about it a lot at school, which I can believe. He tends to be a serial monomaniac; fascinated with one thing to the exclusion of all else, until something else takes its place. And he likes to share with people -- kids at school, kids at the park, people in line with us at the store, whomever may be calling on the phone. I've been recommending people see the movie anyway, but now I've got another reason: see it before M. Edium gives away the ending.

Maybe I should have taken him to The Happening instead and saved some people a lot of time.

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Ah yes, the walking spoiler. We had one of those, too, except she tended to spoil things more along the lines of "Daddy's birthday present" than a movie ending. (Poor kid's a bit deprived and has only seen 3 movies in the theater in her five years...) Kinda like M.Edium with the Father's Day presents, eh?

We worked tirelessly on her to get her to change her spoiling ways. We worked so hard, in fact, that now? Everything is "Shhhh I can't tell you it's a surprise/secret!" This is not necessarily an improvement, when it is something like "Hey kiddo, what did you have for snack at camp today?" "I can't tell you, it's a surprise!" or "When was the last time you went potty?" "Mooooom! That's a secret! I can't tell you that!!" *eye roll*

So be careful if you try to change M.Edium's spoiling tendencies, or he might go too far over the other way. We're still trying to teach our kiddo there's a happy medium!

(Oh, and still waiting on the book reading post - for those of us poor, deprived fans who don't live in/near Minneapolis and couldn't attend in person...)

(Then again, maybe we're not dedicated enough fans if we weren't willing to, say, hop in the car and drive 20 some-odd hours to Minneapolis for the event, or buy a plane ticket and fly there. That's why you haven't shared yet for the vicarious reading attendees, isn't it? Rats!)

By Blogger Heather, at July 16, 2008 at 4:38 AM  

Hey, just discovered that you are again recapping Big Brother over at Television Without Pity. I'm so glad, as you are the one that makes that show worth watching. I was thinking that everyone bailed from TWP. Hoping you have lot's of sales with your 1st. book. Same with the 2nd. AND the 3rd.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 16, 2008 at 9:56 PM  

I've never forgiven my nephew (now 7 1/2) for spoiling Lilo & Stich for me. And it wasn't pretty -- he basically announced EVERY SINGLE PLOT POINT before it happened (Stich comes in now. That guy does this. Now they are going to run away, etc.). Considering that he was in fact only three, I didn't disembowel him, but it did cross my mind. And I make sure to see all kid-related things before watching them with the younger set (so I can ruin it for them! MWAH HA HA!).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 17, 2008 at 7:16 PM  

I remember seeing "The Incredibles", and in the first few minutes of the movie a little kid behind me (on his fifth viewing, no doubt) reeled off a complete plot summary along with all of the superpowers of all of the cast.

By Blogger halojones-fan, at July 23, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

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