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Saturday, July 05, 2008  

Blown, Again

Since M. Edium's first Fourth of July, I've had to revise my expectations downward. He lasted about one detonation into last year's fireworks display before wanting to go home. This year, we wouldn't even be able to go home; we'd be hours from Minneapolis, camping in western Minnesota.

Trash and I spent some time in the days leading up to the trip trying to research fireworks shows in the area, which was trickier than it sounds because there don't seem to be that many. The closest one we could seem to confirm was in Spicer, about a half hour away from where we are going to be camping. Which is weird, because in our part of the state, the only way to take a half hour between fireworks and home is getting stuck in traffic at the end of them.

But M. Edium had been talking about going to see fireworks this year, and we were maybe willing to give it a try. But then we heard from someone else about how crowded that Spicer display is every year, and we decided that maybe we'd just go back to our campsite and bust out the little kiddie-pack of fireworks Trash had gotten at the drugstore.

We'd already been into the sparklers, but M. Edium seemed amenable to trying out one of those little bottle-shaped thingies you set on the ground and then watch as it goes crazy in a few different ways. So we did that. But M. Edium went a lot crazier.

"No! No! That freaks me out!" he wailed, leaping into his mother's arms and begging her to run away from the popping, smoking sparking, whistling portal we'd somehow opened into a demon dimension. It was just too much for him. Still not ready for the pyro, it seems.

Did I mention that this was at about four o'clock in the afternoon?

So that was the end of the fireworks for this Fourth. Well, no, that's not true. There were quite a few more sparklers after that. He's completely fearless when it comes to those.

Maybe we should get him used to the idea of louder fireworks by rigging one of these to explode.

Photo credit: Tara, May 2008

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My 4 year old has always had an issue with loud sounds, so fireworks have been pretty much a no-go. Luckily we live in a neighborhood that's large enough to do its own fireworks show, AND they set them off close enough to our house that we can watch them from the house. This saves us from putting too much effort into getting somewhere for a show only to find out it's traumatic. We tried checking them out from the front yard this year, but -- TOO LOUD!! I WANT TO GO INSIDE!
She lurrrved them from the safety of a (tightly shut against the noise) window, though.

Glad the sparklers were a hit, at least!

By Blogger Unknown, at July 8, 2008 at 1:42 PM  

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