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Monday, June 23, 2008  

Welcome Back

Trash's high school reunion was this weekend. She was part of a graduating class of about 200, so it wasn't that big a crowd. It just seemed like it. And let's face it, the very same crowd probably would have been a bit smaller twenty years ago, if you know what I mean. I kept thinking of that line from Grosse Pointe Blank: "It was just as if everyone had swelled." It's a good thing I wasn't there trolling for dates, because a lot of people seemed a lot older than us. I would see some people's nametags and they would sound familiar from Trash's stories, but even mentally backdating their hairstyles twenty years didn't help me to remember much beyond that.

Although Trash and I were in high school at the same time, we went to different schools. So I didn't know all that many people there. Just her closest friends at the time. We met up with a few of them before heading to the bash, which was Trash's favorite part. In fact, she had been looking forward to her reunion a lot more before she consciously realized that there were going to be other people there besides the four of them. Somehow the rest of the class seemed likely to kill the buzz.

But once we arrived and joined the party (which was happening in a country club…basement), Trash was immediately beset by one person after another who was excited to see her. I gave her some space and occupied myself by waiting at the cash bar for a beer, a strategy that was facilitated by the presence of only one bartender. I ate up great chunks of the evening that way, believe me. At one point I killed a half hour just waiting for a lime.

When I caught up with Trash over an hour later, she somehow looked more like she had in high school. At first I thought this was because the presence of all her old homies had somehow caused her to magically regress in age. But then I realized it was because she had been hugged so much that her hair was looking like it did after we'd been making out in my car.

Trash was one of those popular people in high school, although not in an obnoxious way. She was one of those people that everyone likes and admires, but whom nobody wants to take down. So needless to say, she had a lot more phone numbers by the end of the evening. And the other big surprise of the night was the number of her classmates who now have 20-year-old kids. Also, I got to hang out with a bunch of spouses.

The most jarring thing was seeing a copy of Trash's high school yearbook standing up behind the bar. I see hers every time I go down to the storage room, and it's become more familiar than my own. I was standing next to Trash's friend and asked her, "So…did you design that cover?"

"No! It's horrible, isn't it?"

"Oh God yes. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't your work before I said so."

Can't be too careful. Earlier in the evening I had loudly mistaken some dude for one of the five people in Trash's class that I knew, so I'd met my quota of embarrassing moments for the evening. At least until I later dropped my beer on that same friend's foot. And it wasn't even an MGD, so I couldn't smooth my way out of it.

Overall, I'm glad I went. If nothing else, it gives me some sense of what to expect next week…at my reunion.

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