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Sunday, May 11, 2008  


Last Wednesday I picked up M. Small from school for the first time. I met one of his teachers, who really likes him.

"He's so good and quiet, and he plays nice, and he always puts everything away," she said.

"Oh, I didn't make myself clear," I clarified. "I'm M. Small's dad."

But no, there was no confusion. That's who he is at school, and I probably shouldn't complain.

Anyway, he's clearly adapting well. He's going three days a week, but still going to his old day care on Thursdays to ease the transition (Fridays continue to be Mom and M. Small days). It's Trash and I who need to work harder to adapt.

It's not just that the new place is a lot further away than the day care place (not that this is hard, with the day care place seven blocks from our house) and we have to remember to pack his lunch the day before. It's that he's in school, and he's expected to be there. Like, the guy who runs the place forgot that he doesn't come in on Fridays, and he called the house to see where he was.

And that's not all. Next Thursday is a big graduation ceremony at the school. Unlike us, a lot of the other parents apparently don't use Montessori as a year-round day care center, and when the school year ends next week, that'll be the last day for some of the kids. When Mr. N. called on Friday, he was very clear that M. Small was expected there that day. We thought it was a little weird that our son is supposed to graduate from Montessori three weeks after starting it, but then he's always been a little ahead of schedule.

Still, it's weird. We're used to being able to call up the Day Care Lady at 9:30 on a Thursday and saying, yeah, M. Small isn't coming in today. And also not yesterday, which we forgot to tell you. She doesn't care -- she gets paid the same and it's not like she has a curriculum going on. Hearing from his school about when he's supposed to be there makes it feel like he's just a tiny bit less…ours. You know?

But that's okay. He'll graduate next Thursday and we'll go back to normal.

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Isn't it funny how kids can be so different at school and at home? I used to think they were talking about someone else's child at school, that they had mixed me up with another child's parent. I didn't recognize the sweet, cooperative, neat, sharing child they described; they didn't recognize the kicking, fighting, biting attitude-filled little heck-raiser I described. We called them Home Boy and School Boy (with his name instead of Boy).

By Blogger Bunny, at May 12, 2008 at 4:06 PM  

My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and she calls some kids "Road Angels and Home Devils."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 13, 2008 at 6:34 AM  

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