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Friday, March 28, 2008  

Ramblin' Guy

I don't really have any one thing that happened this week that could be molded into an entry, so I'm just going to babble for a bit. Feel free to click on one of those ads on your right if you get bored.

It's been a stressful week. A work project kind of blew up on me (think about that beastie in the beginning of Men in Black who gets shot by Tommy Lee Jones and leaves sticky blue goo all over the state trooper, except I'm the state trooper), and I had to weecap five hours of television. Okay, 4:55, if you don't count the five minutes of Sunday's Big Brother that got horked up by my TiFaux, which just proves that it has more scruples than I do.

What made it worse is that the stressful week followed a fun weekend, which always makes me feel like I did something wrong on Saturday and Sunday that I'm getting punished for. We had visitors in from Chicago (Bitter and her boyfriend, whose Internet nickname I don't yet know), the Quad Cities (Chao and his girlfriend, regarding whose Internet nickname please see Bitter's boyfriend), and even Mexico City (BuenaOnda and her husband English, whom M. Small insisted on calling "Anguish" when he met the man at age two). M. Small and I went to a movie, and BuenaOnda accepted Guitar Hero III as her personal savior. And I became reacquainted with another old friend I haven't spent much time with in years, one I call "my third beer." Good times. I may have even had a couple of third beers on Saturday night.

Adding to the week's weirdness was the fact that our schedule was off. M. Small's day care lady's mom died over the weekend, so she took off for Florida for the week. I knew my boss would be understanding when I asked him if I could work at home for a couple of days this week (he always is), but I wasn't expecting him to be so bummed out at the news. He was, like, actively saddened, and almost as sympathetic as if I'd told him my own mom had died.

Afterwards, I told this to Trash, who said, "Yeah, my boss too!" She was just as surprised as I was. Obviously we felt bad for the woman who spends more hours with M. Small than we do on Mondays through Thursdays, but we never expected our bosses to feel as bad or worse about it than we did.

And of course even our bosses' understanding is overshadowed by that of my parents, who ended up taking M. Small for the better part of three days. I knew the week was kicking my ass when Tuesday night came around and we had the house to ourselves and couldn't bring ourselves to do a damn thing about it.

Anyway it should be another good weekend, because we're getting another visit from out-of-town friends. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say yet, but I think I can reveal that we're not expecting them to be out of town very much longer. Yay! Friends who move closer instead of away!

Okay, I'm done now. I'm tired and I have a headache and I suspect I'm getting another sinus infection, which I was given to understand that neti pots are supposed to prevent. Maybe I made a mistake in not following the instructions to the letter, but who has a jug of distilled water handy in their bathroom, anyway? I just dunk the pot in the toilet and go to town. It may not be hygienic, but you can't beat the convenience.

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Man, you're not kidding about BuenO. She and English were here in Chicago, and we were disturbed to realize it had been about TWO YEARS since we'd seen one another. And then we played Guitar Hero.

I was completely down with it as well, don't get me wrong. It's not like we would have been scrapbooking otherwise. But I saw that fervor, that "just one more game!" in her eyes... and I knew she was one of us.

By Blogger Febrifuge, at March 29, 2008 at 12:00 PM  

Never say dunk the pot in the toilet again! Thank you.

Seriously, the toilet? I always (ok, I've been slacking on this) put the salt and half a pot of cold water (FROM THE SINK) in the pot before I get into the shower, fill the rest from the hot shower while I'm in there, and go to town. I think the steaminess of the shower makes it work better.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 6, 2008 at 2:00 PM  

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