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Friday, October 06, 2006  

Doubting Pah-muss

M. Small has a stuffed hippo that we thought he was calling Thomas. "Hi, Thomas. What's wrong, Thomas?" he'd say. "It's okay." And then he'd give it a kiss and a hug and say, "Luh veeyoo." Wonder where he picked that up.

Actually, we were wondering why he was calling a hippo Thomas. He's already got one Thomas in his life -- a creepy, semi-animated tank engine. It's not that he can't keep things straight when they have the same name. For instance, he knows the difference between a turtle and our cat Turtle, and he knows the difference between at least three people with the same first name. But those things were all named by someone else, so that doesn't explain why he would recycle a familiar name on his own.

We were failing to take into account the fact that he's still not completely on top of his T's, K's, and P's. It wasn't until this week that we realized he wasn't calling his hippo Thomas, but "Pah-muss," a contraction of the last three syllables of "hippopotamus." And then it all made sense.

Wait, what? No, it didn't. What kind of child would rather undertake to pronounce "hippopotamus" than simply "hippo" before his second birthday?

Well, probably the kind who's sat through several hundred readings of Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton.

And he has sat through them, willingly. That and any number of readings of any number of other books that his mom and I memorized long ago. We never have to talk him into reading. He brings books to us. It's not like we have to read him Goodnight Moon with one knee on his chest at bedtime. The knee doesn't come into play until he's actually in his crib.

So because his second birthday's coming up next week, Trash and I thought it would be a good time to set up a Donors Choose challenge in honor of his love of reading. Of course, he loves other things, but we had trouble finding any Donors Choose projects centered around ice cream and tickling.

So click on the link at the right. We're shooting for a fairly modest $1000. I asked Trash how much we need to collect before I shave my head, but she shot that right down.

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Just for the record I did donate to Sars JUST so that I could watch the video of her head shaving without any guilt to ruin it. So worth the $50! Come on.... the "Pah-muss" story is cute but I think you can do better... heck I read your twop recaps, I know you can do better!

By Blogger Laurel, at October 10, 2006 at 5:16 PM  

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