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Friday, July 07, 2006  

Random Crap

First of all, on behalf of bass players everywhere, I want to apologize to Pamie. No all bass players drive like rude, dangerous, impatient assholes. I mean, sure, I do, but there almost has to be a few of us who don't, just from the law of averages if nothing else.

Or maybe it's an L.A. thing. Here in Minneapolis, I used to see Lori Barbero from Babes in Toyland driving around all the time, and she hardly ever almost ran me over.

Then there was the time I sighted Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum at the Turf Club. Of course, I nearly ran him over trying to get back to my table and tell my friends, "Dudes, check it out! Dave Pirner!" But that's probably just the bass player in me.

* * *

Speaking of bass players, I'm going to be recapping at least one of them this summer. Yes, I'm finished with Windfall (as is TWoP), and will be covering Rock Star: Supernova instead. Aside from a couple of substitute recaps, this will be the first time I've recapped a reality show. And one that's supposedly about the music, even though I have a suspicion that the main differences from American Idol will be louder guitars and lower ratings.

I missed Rock Star: INXS last summer (although I came this

close to auditioning at First Avenue the previous fall), so this is going to be an almost completely new experience for me. If you plan on posting in the forums, please keep that in mind.

* * *

I took M. Small to Home Depot the other day to look for some kiddie lawn furniture, or possibly an outdoor playhouse that will withstand the weather better than his dryer box is likely to. Unfortunately, all they had was a wide selection of miniature fold-up camp chairs and a little round folding table. Since Trash wasn't with me, I pulled out my cell phone, set it to "camera" mode, and then set up a chair and a table. Then I unstrapped M. Small from his seat in the shopping cart and set him down, hoping I'd have time to snap a picture before he got bored with the whole enterprise and led me a merry chase into the Lighting department, where he would point in all directions at once and warn me, "Hot!"

I had just enough time to get this picture:

Capture me while you can!

And also this one:

Because this fleeting moment won't last more than ten or fifteen minutes!

And then figure out how to send them to Trash's phone, which took me several minutes. Throughout this period, M. Small was happily and comfortably sitting at what he'd already decided was "his" table, probably imagining himself enjoying a milk and some Nilla Wafers at a Parisian sidewalk café.

By the time I had Trash on the line to ask if the picture had come through, he had dragged his chair over to a display of patio-chair pillows, and was busily trying to decide whether custard or terra cotta would go best with Buzz Lightyear. Yes, that son of mine was nesting at Home Depot. He was actually mad when we had to leave.

This is actually good news, because it means that in a few years I can send him up there by himself. He'll probably know more than me about hardware by then anyway.

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Oh, I love the second picture - with his feet up. I can just picture him with a beer and the remote.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 7, 2006 at 8:07 PM  

Tag sales! (Or garage sales, yard sales, whatever you call them where you are). My SIL has a yard full of those expensive plastic outdoor toddler toys -- a little house, a little swingset, an outrageously large fleet of cars -- that she gets for a dollar or two each (well, I think the house was more like $15. New, they're probably ten times that much). She could be running a day care center. In fact, she and my mother drove up to a tag sale more than an hour away this morning to get a plastic log cabin -- she had one once, then sold it because she had too many toys. I don't know whether they succeeded or not. Or whether they actually NEED two outdoor playhouses... but I suppose those cars need somewhere to park.

I don't know why it's adorable when toddlers sprawl out on toddler-sized furniture, when it's just a bit annoying when it's anyone over the age of twelve does so, but it is. (Well, if you're talking scaled-to-size furniture. Daddy or Tia on the kiddie furniture is, apparently, hysterical.)

By Blogger supplies, at July 8, 2006 at 7:16 PM  

I really did try to watch Windfall, just to enjoy the recaps, but fifteen minutes in to the first one and I could only think about how soon I might die and what I needed to be doing with my time before then.

I really do enjoy your blog, though.

By Blogger Unknown, at July 16, 2006 at 5:33 AM  

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