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Saturday, April 22, 2006  

The Show Must Go On

There are a lot of reasons why we love M. Small's day care provider. Chief among them is the fact that he loves it too. On weekday mornings, if we're taking too long to get out the door, that's when he busts out his one sentence, in its many variable forms:

"Go! Car go bye! Hurry car! Bye bye go car go hurry car bye!"

So we're confident that he likes going to day care.

But another reason we like our day care place is for the shows they put on. You heard me.

The oldest kid at day care is four, and M. Small, at eighteen months, isn't the youngest, or even the second-youngest. And yet a couple times a year, the day care lady will dress them up in elaborate little costumes and have them put on little shows in the living room of the house. Obviously these are "shows" in the loosest sense of the word. M. Small's first show was last year's Easter show, when he was only six months old. Led by the day car lady, the other kids sort of sang songs and recited nursery rhymes. M. Small's part was to stand there in his Excersaucer and wear a bunch of different hats. He totally sold it, of course.

Then there was the Christmas show last December. It was the first show where M. Small was old enough to actually stand on his own while performing. I have video of the whole performance. Mostly it shows M. Small running up to me, and, when he wasn't doing that, running up to his mom. There are few things cuter than the fourteen-month-old version of stage-diving.

So the Easter show was a couple of weeks ago, and we were hoping that he'd be a little more up to the task this time around. After all, this is one of the most outgoing kids either of us has ever known. How could he not love showing off in front of his mom and dad and all the other parents? From what we heard, the kids had been practicing for weeks. M. Small must be looking forward to this as much as anything,

So we showed up right at five, and waited outside with the rest of the parents while the day care lady set everything up. Then she called us inside, and all the kids were in these adorable litte quasi-Victorian outfits. M. Small, for example, was in knickers and stockings with a little ruffly shirt and velvet vest. He must have been so excited.

Except the moment he saw us, he figured it was time to go. He's going through a phase where he likes his routines, and it kind of threw him for us to show up at day care and not immediately bring him out to the car and take him home. We tried to get him to rejoin the other kids while they did their show, but all he would do is cling to Trash and say:

"Go! Car go bye! Hurry car! Bye bye go car go hurry car bye!"

While also crying.

So yeah, I have video of his last show. I spent a lot of time panning back and forth between the kids in front of me (including the babies, whose parts consisted largely of having their hats changed a lot) and M. Small of to my left, telling Trash to hurry car go bye already. Eventually she had to take him outside while the other kids did their thing. And the funny thing is that every once in a while, he'll do some little snippet from the show he wanted no part of, and we don't know how to tell him, "Sorry, dude, show's over."

We're hoping that by this year's Christmas show, when he's two years and change old, he'll be a little clearer on the concept. How are we supposed to be obnoxious stage parents if he won't even stay on the stage?

Today's best search phrase: "Bottle shaped air mattress." Well, that sounds comfortable.

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Hmmm, prone to infantile behavior and emotional outbursts? Seems he's ready to be a celebrity now. (Isn't that pretty much alll Lindsey Lohan does these days?)Just keep encouraging that behavior and he'll be a star in no time. Imagine how proud you'll be when he's screaming and throwing phones at PAs for bringing him the wrong size latte.

Seriously though, you've got a great website and an adorable kid.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 26, 2006 at 2:47 AM  

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