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Tuesday, November 08, 2005  

Thing nobody tells you about parenting, number 920,029,872:

Shortly after M. Small's birthday, Trash and I rotated the baby car seats in the vehicle to face the front. This was preferable on several levels. Mainly. M. Small likes it better that way. When we drove down to Iowa the following weekend, Trash was able to turn around in her seat and entertain him when he got restless, rather than slithering into the back to he could see her. We think he'd rather see where he's going than where he's been. And of course, it's easier for us to check up on him. Before, I would have to wait until a red light before I coud lift and twist in the driver's seat, craning my neck over the back of his seat to ascertain whether he was asleep, or awake, or whether his head had tipped to the side in an crampogenic position, or whether it had rolled clean off at that last speed bump. Now a glance in the rearview mirror could instantly tell us the state of his consciousness, his mood, and which of his toys he was attempting to dismantle.

But to our disappointment, it still took an awkward shift in either posture or mirror position to get a gander at him. So we each got one of those rearview mirror mirrors. You know, the kind that clips on right below the main mirror so you can check on both your precious offspring and the angry truck driver you cut off seventy miles ago in the same quick glance.

It's just one of the many little things I do to help keep my family safe, because that's my top priority in everything I do.

Plus, the mirror swivels independently, so it's great for scoping out chicks.

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I find it very amusing that this post has no comments. Evidently the sweet females who always gush over your kindness and family-loving posts don't have the same appreciation for your humor regarding scoping out chicks.

I, however, do.

-J Money

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 15, 2005 at 12:17 PM  

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