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Monday, July 12, 2004  

Garage Rock

We don't close the window on our detached garage very tightly, so it's not difficult for small animals like mice and chipmunks to enter and hang out inside. Which they do. And then they get into the birdseed and sock it away in pockets in the exposed fiberglass insulation. That's gotta be tasty: eating seeds and nuts from a bed of fiberglass. Mmm, mmm, just the thing to get you through a long winter, in the sense of not.

But as we discovered last year, larger animals can get inside too. Animals like housecats. I know this because I can sit at my computer at home and, through the window of my study, watch as the neighbors' indoor/outdoor cat Moonbeam lets herself into our garage.

She knows she's not supposed to be doing that, I think. The few times I've surprised her in there, she flees in panic, even though she and I have a friendly relationship in general. How friendly? She likes to sit on my lap next to my bass during band practice. Which is pretty friendly. So the only reason she could have for running from me is her own sense that she's in trouble.

Not that it even bothers me much. When I see her sneaking into our garage I could easily get up, put my shoes on, go outside, and chase her out, but it's really not worth it. She's usually done with whatever she's doing in there by the time I could get to her anyway. And besides, she's done all the damage in there that she can at this point.

What kind of damage? Remember those little rodent nests in the fiberglass insulation? You know how cats react to rodents?

Yeah. Last spring we discovered that several long strips of fiberglass insulation were hanging down from the garage ceiling, some of them all the way to the floor. Still, "damage" isn't really the right word, and I'm not just saying that because my neighbors read this sometimes. That insulation needed to go anyway, and she just made the stuff on the ceiling easier to reach. I get rid of a few sections a week, and thanks to Moonbeam I haven't had to haul out the ladder once. Now when I see her go in the garage, I'm hoping she'll pull down a few new sections, but she's never in there long enough. Stupid cat.

I glanced out the window earlier tonight and saw her slinking into the garage. I turned back to my work.

A few minutes later, she slunk back out.

And a minute after that, so did another cat. A black-and-white one. Made me glad that both of our cats are strictly indoor models.

I've seen this cat around the neighborhood a few times before. I didn't realize he was tomcatting in the literal sense.

I wonder if I should say anything to the neighbors. I'm not sure about the condition or provenance of Moonbeam's girl kitty parts, though. And if it turns out to be nothing, she'll probably resent me and not want to sit on my lap any more.

But now that I know where she's been, I'm not sure I want that either.

Today's best search phrase: "How to attach studs to cinder blocks." Yeah, that'll keep 'em from wandering off.

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