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Saturday, May 15, 2004  

Not Fit to Print

Here's what I'm not writing about today:

* The weather. Even though the weather in this state is seriously messed up. More than usual, even. Last week I was sitting in my office with the window open. Yesterday I was sitting in my office with the window closed and my spring jacket on and almost no feeling in my fingers. On Sunday night, I schlepped our hundred-pound window air-conditioning unit up from the basement, because our bedroom, being at the top of the house and all, gets too hot to sleep in at a certain point, even if we have the central air on. Then yesterday I got home from work and had to turn the central heating back on because it was fifty degrees in there with all the windows closed. I don't remember there being Mays like this when I was a kid. Of course I used to spend every May so giddy about the impending end of the school year that I probably wouldn't have noticed a rain of frogs.

* My first hate mail as a Television Without Pity recapper, not quite a month after I got hired. Linda was excited for my having reached this landmark, but my little missive is nothing compared to some of the e-mails she's told me about. Which I'm also not writing about.

* A project that Trash and I have been working on for a while. It's large and time-consuming, but it's connected to something I'm not ready to announce yet. Which has rendered the past several weeks chock-full of non-bloggable hours.

* Writer's block. I'm not blocked. I'm not!

* My current exercise routine that I embarked on at the beginning of last week, because that bores even me.

* My theory that the amount of exercise I've done this week has already kick-started my metabolism, because the only evidence I have of that being the case is pretty gross.

* The gig my band is playing tonight at the Ginkgo Coffee House at 721 Snelling Avenue in St. Paul at 9:00 p.m., because I think I've flogged that enough by now, don't you?

Here's what I am writing about:

* All the stuff I'm not writing about.

Today's best search phrase: "Geek toddlers clothes." Sure, why not get an early start? You're never too young to get beat up at day care, right?

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