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Wednesday, May 12, 2004  

Humpblog (5/12/04)

Just got back from this month's Pub Quiz at Kieran's. We did pretty well tonight. We came out strong, with a commanding first-place lead in the first two rounds. We predicted that that lead would evaporate, never to return. We were right.

However, we did end up tied for third place. Which isn't bad. Furthermore, we were only four points behind the first place team, whose score was 101. So we all walked out with our heads held high.

I should mention that our tem name has been in something of a state of flux. We used to be Mutant Enemy, but Trash and I are the only remnants of that team (which currently consists of us, Zen Viking, G. Grod, and Linda) so we switched to a team name we enjoyed when we were in Seattle: Monkey Knife Fight. But that wasn't doing much for us either, aside from hearing the Irish-accented quizmaster pronounce the word "moonkay" several times per quiz.

So last month, we were sucking air on the music round, which is when they play the first few seconds of a song and you're supposed to identify the title and artist. One of the songs was one none of us had ever heard before, although we all agreed that it sounded like something Sting would perpetrate. So we guessed Sting for the artist, and for the title we made a blind guess: "Tantric Booty Call." It turned out to be Alanis anyway, but we did come away with a serviceable team name.

At Kieran's, the first-place team gets little trophies, the second-place team gets bottles of wine, and the third-place team (which, in case you've just tuned in, was us this month) gets dick. So that's our team name for next month: Third Place Dick.

Which is going to be really embarrassing if we end up in eighth or something.

* * *

Hey, Microsoft Word? When I type three asterisks and hit return, quit turning my first asterisk into a bullet point. You're not smarter than me, okay? God.

* * *

Once again, I'm going to pimp my band's next gig (as if I haven't been doing that pretty much constantly in the "next gig" box over there to the right).

It's a CD release party at the Ginkgo Coffee House in St. Paul. Don't worry, it's not the confusing part of St. Paul. It's on Snelling and Minnehaha, which is between Interstate 94 and the State Fairgrounds. It's pretty easy to find from the airport, which is where I assume most of you will be coming from.

The party goes from eight to eleven, and we're supposed to start playing at nine. But if you're a few minutes late, I'll make them wait until you get there. It's the least I can do.

* * *

Today's best search phrase: "Outdoor hiding clothes." Because actually looking up how to spell the word "camouflage" is hard, dude.

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