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Wednesday, April 21, 2004  

Humpblog (4/21/04)

Trash has been out of town for the first part of this week. Her mom is coming up tomorrow, so we’ve been trying to get the house ready for her visit.

Yesterday afternoon, it occurred to us that last night might be a good time to rip the ugly-ass carpet out of the living room and hallway. The blue area rug that used to be in our upstairs bedroom, but no longer matches the newly green walls, has been back from the cleaners and waiting to be redeployed for a while. Trash and I talked yesterday afternoon while I was at work, and we agreed that I’d go home, spend a couple of hours getting it all torn out, and watch 24.

Well, 24 came on and I still wasn’t done, so I took an hour-long break and went back to it.

We’d torn out carpet before, but that was in a small, square room that was still empty after being painted. This was a little trickier, due to the necessity of working around the furniture and the room’s irregular shape, especially with the hallway included. And I’d forgotten about the stuff under the carpet: the padding, the little wooden strips all around the edge of the room with tiny carpet tacks sticking up from them, the staples (let’s just say it’s a good thing I got my tetanus shot last week), and a metric ton of pulverized carpet backing. But I got it done before bedtime. Even though I had to push bedtime back in order to do it. In fact, I pushed it back most of the way to 4:10 a.m.

Not the most fun I ever had. That would be the experience of getting up and going to work three hours later.

* * *

Speaking, of 24, my first recap is up over at Television Without Pity. I must confess to being fairly pleased with how it turned out. But of course, you probably know that already because I’m linking to it.

* * *

The band I’m in has just finished a CD. Except I’m not on it.

Myrtle, the bandleader, had already begun work on recording it when I joined the band. Plus her producer is also a bass player, so he took care of those parts. Which is fine. They finished up initial recording back during the holidays, so I wouldn’t have been able to participate. Myrtle promises me I get to be on the next one, which will be cool. I’ve never played in a real recording studio before.

In any case, the tracks from the CD are available for you to listen to here and you can buy the CD itself. Go check it out.

* * *

Speaking of the band, I hope none of you are actually planning to come to that thing we’re playing at next week just to hear us. For one thing, it’s $35. For another thing, we’re only playing two songs. Seriously. And for another, I’ve had the wrong hotel listed up there the whole time.

You’re better off waiting and coming to the CD release party next month. I’ll have details on that up after next Tuesday. Complete with the right location and everything.

Today’s best search phrase: It’s not a search phrase today: it’s a referrring page. Namely, this one. Aw, yeah.

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