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Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

Humpblog (4/14/04)

I don't know if our radio show is appointment listening for you most weeks, but if there's a show I don't want you to miss, it's the one coming up on Saturday. It will contain the highest concentration of My Soul of any show to date. Please listen. Plee-hee-heease!

Long day, man. Long-ass day. The Joke Show is this weekend and it's crunch time at the old comedy factory. I've gone through so many jokes today that nothing will ever be funny again.

I was all excited about being in charge of the Joke Show. I have a freakish memory for the things. Everybody at the office warned be that it was a lot of work, but did I listen? No. How hard could it be? I figured. They're jokes. I'm working with jokes. There are people who have to work with raw sewage and animal entrails while I'm working with jokes. I've got a sweet deal.

On the other hand, some of the jokes we've gotten are indistinguishable from raw sewage or animal entrails (not yours, though. Yours were great. Seriously).

And they're still coming in. We still need them. So keep sending them. I can't guarantee that I haven't heard it before, or that my boss will think it's funny, or that I won't respond with a pissy e-mail that reads "har fucking har," but what have you got to lose?

* * *

And of course, this happens on a day that I start my second job. What's my second job, you ask? Or would, if you had the manners God gave a warthog?

I've joined the staff of Television Without Pity. I'm not just a fan, I'm an employee. I'm taking over recapping and forum moderating duties for 24.

And it's an exciting time for this to happen, because last night's episode got preempted by the president and pushed back to Sunday. And then the following episode will be shown as scheduled the following Tuesday. So my first week of recapping will contain two episodes. Stupid president.

I'm up for it, though. I'm excited (more excited than I was about the Joke Show, even). I have a few days to learn the forums before my first episode airs. Then I'll bang out my maiden pair of recaps and after that, the rest of the season will feel like coasting.

But still. Stupid president.

* * *

Thanks for those of you who have sent in votes for which entry I should read for the Audioblog. The response has been gratifying. However, poor planning on my part has screwed me once again, and I want to be sure y'all don't get
screwed by extension.

As it turns out, it wasn't entirely wise to ask for votes on your favorite entries when I have several hundred of the suckers. Now I'm looking at a multi-way tie for first, with each of the nominees garnering one vote each. Mind you, in the event of a final tie, my wife will cast the winning vote. But that may not be necessary if I get more votes, see? Your vote could be the vote that pushes one lucky entry over the top, with twice as many votes as the others. You have the power. Don't blow it. Choose or lose, as they say on the MTV.

Today's best search phrase: Oh, fuck it. I'm too tired.

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