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Friday, March 05, 2004  

Looky Here

Some people like to illustrate their journal entries with photos. And then there are those, like me, who illustrate almost two years worth of journal entries at once. I think everyone would do it that way if it weren’t such a stupid way to go about it.

A year and change ago, I tried to post pictures of our basement ceiling replacement project. But the camera didn’t want to give up its photos, until I finally got around to buying and installing a memory card reader a couple of months ago. So those pictures didn’t go up until, well, today. Along with some others.

Some may say I’m only doing this because I want to be like AB, to which the only reasonable riposte is: Who wouldn’t?

Okay. Hit the lights.

From July 2002: Trash settles down at the kitchen table for a light snack. No, not really. That’s Deniece at six months. She’s two now, so obviously Trash only eats other babies.

Seattle: A Navy gunboat makes sure our tour cruiser doesn’t get too close to the battleship docked in Puget Sound.

I began to have visions of Apocalypse Now. “Sampan off the port bow!”

The Real World: Seattle house, featuring Space Needle shot nine million.

I’m sorry, which of those boats is Paul Allen’s? They all look alike to me.

Seattle: My city. Also, that random other chick’s.

The reason people from Seattle have such great asses.

Trash at Gasworks Park with beverages.

Oregon’s Mount Hood, fresh out of the oven.

New York: Trash and Lawre somewhere in the subway. I forget where, exactly.

Lawre considers escaping from me by throwing herself on the tracks. I promise I'm not naked under my coat.

That’s enough for today, I think. It may even be too many. More in a week or two, after this batch drops off the front page, because I’m incredibly cheap when it comes to bandwidth (as if my URL didn’t already tell you that).

Today’s best search phrase: “‘desk’ and ‘dumped’ and ‘teacher’ and girl and stuff and cont.” I assume they meant “continued.” Otherwise that just makes no sense at all.

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