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Friday, March 26, 2004  

Looky Here, Part 2

Our digital camera crapped out at the time we replaced our basement ceiling about a year and a half ago. First-graders joke about ugly people breaking cameras. I’m here to tell you that ugly ceilings work just as well.

I should clarify; I could still take pictures. I just couldn’t download them and share them with you. Until recently.

Ready for the before pictures?

This is what our ceiling looked like before we started tearing it down. I know!

A wider angle. You still can’t see the water stains in the far background, but you can see the bi-level ceiling that the idiot who used to own the place built when he realized he’d started too high to hide all the pipes. Moron. We hates him, precious.

Trash wouldn’t let me tear down the old ceiling until the night before we were ready to start on the new one. Then she was bitter when she saw how much an improvement it was to have no ceiling at all.

My finger in the upper right really dresses it up, don’t you think?

During. They say the basement is the safest place to be during a tornado. Clearly they are filthy liars.

Notice how the edge of the wall is wider on the top than on the bottom? This is not an optical illusion. It’s just one example of the non-Euclidean carpentry we had to deal with as part of Dr. Jellyfinger’s legacy. This is only the most visible manifestation. Also, we need to paint our stairs.

After. You totally want to make out with me right now, don’t you?

I should mention that the walls are no longer that watery yellow color. Nor are they the bizarre purple color that went on over the watery yellow color. They are a lovely, rich almond shade.

Also, that black thing on the upper right is the top corner of a cat tree, not a bite I took out of one of the tiles.

Speaking of cats, are you ready to say “Awwww”?

That’s Orca in the foreground and Strat behind her.

Moments later and slightly closer. I should point out that that’s not their John LeCarre book; they’re not that literate. Anything beyond Grisham goes right over their fuzzy little heads.

They used to spoon like this all the time. Now they hardly ever do, since Strat got diabetes. That makes us kind of sad. I can’t believe they don’t feel the same way, sometimes, a little.

In between trying to kill each other, of course.

Today’s best search phrase:miss alli deborah sars and that guy.” Yes, we’re quite a group, aren’t we?

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