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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

January 18th is M. Giant's birthday, and once again, I (Trash) have hijacked
his blog. In honor of his big day, several of his favorite web writers have created
some special birthday greetings, just for him.

Keep in mind that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that M. Giant loves
more than bad poetry and misused puns.

Happy Birthday, M. Giant. May you continue to amuse us in the years ahead.


Watching Alice in Wonderland Made Me Write This
by Keckler

Of psycho squirrels
and growing grass,
MmmGiant does so blogeth
Once he even
wrote a piece
of fitting window glass

There's one in partic
I liked so well
I forwarded it across the land
It told a tale of catching Strat
And peeing on his hand

But now he's gone
and made it big
with a national story man
We only hope
he does not forget
his clutch
of drooling fans


An Annotated Poem
by Keckler

M Giant is this guy I "know"
Who makes some funny words
I read out loud, I read in quiet
I even tell the birds (in a world where cats are

M Giant is this guy I "know"
He lives right near my school
If I had one in my yard
I'd let him use my pool (but not to pee in)

M. Giant is this guy I "know"
Whose birthday now is here
So I'll tell you sweet and I'll tell you purple
His humor has no peer (unless he doesn't think I'm
funny in which case I take it all back)


The storms rage all around
while i stand here looking at you
but all you talk about
is cat pee and cat poo

here's to you M. Giant on your birthday!



M. Giant (A rhyming poem)

I like M. Giant,
Upon him I'm reliant,
And I've found him quite pliant,
So unlike Gumbel, Bryant,
What's he drive? A Reliant!
Oh, fuck. I already used "reliant."
Of shame, I shall die-ant.
These shit rhymes, I'm gonna cry-ant,
Why did I agree to write this, oh why-ant?
I'm a fool, I want to die-ant.
Thanks a fucking lot, M. Giant.



Between My Lines
-by Pamela Ribon

They told me
Just today
That it was
Or Is, rather, I suppose.
Your birthday, I mean.
And by "told" I mean
I opened an electronic piece of mail
As I do in the mornings
And evenings --
Around once an hour, I guess, if we're being honest now

Anyhoo, it's your birthday.
How does that
Make me
At first, a slight numbing
Under my eyes
Where a blush would go
Had we ever kissed
Or shared a tender moment in the past.

Then my stomach
Made a bit of a rumble
Reminding me not that I yearn for you
O, near perfect stranger.
But rather,
That I hadn't yet finished
My morning toast
(buttered, never with jelly; I pretend marmalade doesn't exist
(like how you pretend I never exist
(like how I never pretend we once met
(like how I never forget that one night
(we never shared
(you were so kind
(you were so gentle
(you were so invisible
(see my invisible blush now?

I drink more coffee
Swallow the warmth
(I swallow. I swallow.)
And wonder:
Why I don't love
Someone I'll never know?
You might be worthy of love
(as am I. O, how worthy am I. I am rockin' it in this body, my friend, and
most of the world will never know
(i am so lonely please somebody find me i miss human contact holy shit i
miss real people (but not the show because i am not that crazy yet) i am
pretending to take part in an internet portal fun birthday celebration just
so i can reach a wider audience to scream out !!!somebody help me!!! i am
trapped in a world that I have created for myself because i used to think
people were annoying and irritating but now i realize that we need other
people. My head hurts every day from all the crying --
(This is the life of a dedicated internet hermit
(don't weep for me
(my dsl does it effortlessly.


Velcrometer is
my favorite blog because
he talks about cats

named Orca and Strat,
then warns of the perils of
renting a ladder.

Those are his selling
points, which means that M. Giant
is a dork. A lawn-

seeding, extra-room-
painting, comedy-writing,
super-dorky dork.

Your Pal, DragonAttack.


Higgeldy piggeldy
Jeff of Velcrometer
from Minnesota, home
to the Vikings.

If he'd been female, would
have become part of an
epic Webring?

-- Strega


Stopping By Velcrometer On A Snowy Evening

Whose blog this is I think I know.
He's off writing for Keillor, though;
He will not see me reading here
About...not meter, nor Velcro.

His patient wife must think it queer
That emailers like hives appear
At mention of an ailing cat
Or Christmas lights, or hazmat gear.

But it's his birthday, and for that
I write a poem, and doff my hat
To Alexander's natal day,
And find a rhyme for "vampire bat."

The poem is dreadful, sad to say.
The reader should get combat pay.
Yeah, sorry, dude. Happy birthday.
Yeah, sorry, dude. Happy birthday.

- Sarah



Today is the birthday of one Mr. M. Giant!
If he were heavy machinery
he'd be OSHA compliant.
He's more impressive than the biggest
bra at Lane Bryant.
In the Hair Club for Men, he'd be president
and a client.
He'd be a mighty and fearsome--but cuddly--
He is the crème de la crème.
He doesn't hawk up his phlegm.
Hey there, Mr. Giant!
Can I call you just "M."?

-- Wendy


The grimmer the news on the falling thermometer,
The better the thought of a brand-new Velcrometer.
Or even, perhaps, you might use a bolometer,
To measure the warmth of your favorite Velcrometer.
The sun is quite bright, says this swell actinometer,
But not half as bright as a brand-new Velcrometer.
While tracking the clouds with your trusty ceilometer,
Look! Up in the sky! It's your good friend Velcrometer.
The earth shook (I saw it on my own seismometer)
The day I first read the bodacious Velcrometer.
I'm not sure why you would need a densitometer,
I do know we all need a sparkly Velcrometer.
Got engines? Please check them with your dynamometer,
Then turn your attention to reading Velcrometer.
Don't work out too hard, you may break the ergometer,
Stop sweating and go read an archived Velcrometer.
You can study ozone on a spectrophotometer,
Thank God there are no holes in good old Velcrometer.
You don't measure pies with a big piezometer,
You don't measure Velcro by using Velcrometer.
"Tomatoes look fine" says the old tenderometer,
But please, do not throw them at this week's Velcrometer.
I bought me a new microspectrophotometer,
And now that I'm broke, I have only Velcrometer.
I could do this all day, by my handy chronometer,
But that would take up all the space in Velcrometer.



"Ode to the Coolest"
Allison Lowe-Huff

There once was a man called M. Giant,
Who everyone thought was compliant.
But he lived in the cold;
Man, he got old;
And, each year, just a bit more defiant.

M. Giant? I feel like I've lost him.
The last time I saw him was Austin.
Where we rocked through the night,
In a Shack of Delight,
And all his fans tried to accost him.

I'm saying, I've seen this man rock the house,
Despite seeming sweet as a mouse.
So, don't let him fool you;
He really could school you;
And, probably, so could his spouse.

It's his birthday today, yes, we know.
And though his true age doesn't show,
He is an old guy,
He really can't lie,
Because time? It sticks like velcro.


"It's a double-dactyl"

Foobady boobady
M. Giant's Velcrometer
Features a humorous
Style and tone.

Today, a surprise as a
Gift for his birthday: un-
Covered in poems.



There once was a Giant named M.
At JournalCon he was a gem
The girls were atwitter
"Wait, he's married? Oh, shitter."
Heartbreak he gave all of them.

So now on the day of his birth
With limericks lacking in mirth
I honor his powers
To render cold showers
While smugly displaying his girth.

Get your mind out of the gutter!
I meant his great height, so don't sputter.
He's witty and kind
And quick to remind
He loves him some Trash, more than butter.

"Than butter"? I know, it was lame;
These limericks truly a shame.
My Home is no Prairie,
My rhyming is scary --
Happy day to dear M. all the same.

-- Pineapple Girl

There once was a guy named M. Giant
Who didn't act like Kobe Bryant.
A superior man
he is sweeter than flan
and as clever as he is brilliant.

M. Giant lives in Minnesota
where he needs snow tires on his Toyota
Does he drive one of those?
Friends, I do not knows
But I needed a rhyme for this ode-a.

"An ode? It's a limerick, you tool!"
you may say as you think me a fool
Excuse the caprice
fucking poem police
For M. Giant we break every rule.

Today is M. Giant's birthday
And he's old but he needs no toupee
So let's fix a cocktail
And with toasts we'll regale
This guy who likes cheesy wordplay.


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