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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Humpblog (1/21/04)

Just take another look at those poems down there, wouldja? Do my homies rock or what?

Am I allowed to say "homies" and "rock" in the same sentence by the way? Or is that an ill-advised mixing of musical idioms?

Okay, moving on. Break's over. I'm grabbing the reins again.

Such as they are.

* * *

For an online writer attempting to be funny, linking to The Onion is like a big, bright, flashing sign that reads GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK. (I haven't learned how to do flashing text in HTML yet. Sorry.) But for anyone who is considering not participating in the democratic process this election, I offer you this.

Yee-haw, indeed.

* * *

Speaking of ill-advised musical decisions, this is just a heads-up to anybody who went back to file-sharing illegally after the courts took away RIAA's ability to send stormtroopers to your ISP company and have them pop out at you through your modem: they're still suing people.

Okay, to be more accurate, they're suing IP addresses. This is unconscionable. Sue people who have the resources to defend themselves, sue people who've done something wrong, but dragging a poor, defenseless IP address into court? An IP address that can't make it's own decisions? What are they thinking? A jury is going to look at that inert series of digits and periods on the witness stand and it's going to be all over.

I did love this quote, though:

‘‘Our campaign against illegal file sharers is not missing a beat," said Cary Sherman, president of the recording association. See what he did there? Isn't that just adorable? On the plus side, apparently new-age and modern symphonic music is perfectly safe to file-share.

As long as we're on the subject…

Dear RIAA: I do not file-share, illegally or otherwise. Please do not crawl up my ass.

* * *

Pub Quiz tonight, this time with an entirely new team. Even Trash is sitting this one out, what with being in New Mexico and cell phones being banned during rounds. But I have great faith in tonight's teammates, Miss Alli and G. Grod. They's smart.

The last time I went out, which was a few days ago, I finally got to meet the very entertaining Space Waitress. And I look back at this item and I realize that two years ago, I didn't know nearly as many people whose names are also hyperlinks. Modern times.

* * *

Today's best search phrase: "Young man's combover." Is that like a white man's afro?

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