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Wednesday, November 19, 2003  

Humpblog (11/19/03)

I was channel-surfing late that night in Charlottesville and I came across a performance by The Folksmen. You may remember them as the folk group played by Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, and Michael McKean in A Mighty Wind. They were performing “Old Joe’s Place,” the song they sing in the movie about an Alice’s Restaurant-type establishment where some of the letters in the “Eat at Joe’s” sign are burned out.

I wasn’t watching A Mighty Wind, though. It was an episode of Saturday Night Live. From nineteen years ago.

This was back in 1984, when the regular SNL cast included Guest and Shearer, and McKean showed up to host an episode. If they did a Spinal Tap number on the show I missed it, but seeing them all made up like The Folksmen nineteen years ago felt like falling into a time warp. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that footage ended up in A Mighty Wind later. Imagine—a fake group with a real history.

* * *

Deniece has an electronic piggy bank that plays the “Winnie the Pooh” theme whenever she drops a coin in. Pennies, quarters, Sacajawea dollars and Krugerrands all get the same tune, so she normally gets pennies. If she hears change jingling, she’ll make her appeal:

“Munnee. Peeeez?”

The penny goes in, the tune starts, and Deniece does a little dance.

“Munnee. Peeeez?”

Repeat until broke.

Her dad is becoming increasingly ambivalent about the connection between money and dancing that must be getting programmed into her brain this early in life.

* * *

I made an appearance in Rocksnobs a few days ago. The conversation transpired much as DragonAttack said. But props to her for having the discretion to not mention that my first concert was Kenny Loggins.

* * *

I keep getting all these “delivery failure” messages in my inbox. Anyone who didn’t know better would think I’ve been trying to send e-mails to all these people I’ve never heard of, claiming that I can “do what V1agra can’t.” Which is a promise I try not to make except in very specific circumstances. I would think it was because my e-mail address got hijacked by a spammer, but it’s happening on my Yahoo! mail too. I’d think it was a virus, but it’s leaving my Outlook mail alone. I can only assume that the spammers have graduated to using mind-control rays on me without my knowledge. I’m going to print this paragraph out and carry it in my pocket in the event that they make me do something that gets me arrested.

* * *

This story cracks me up. Just the fact that the threatening behavior in question consists of glaring through a window at someone makes me wonder, why is it now easier to get a restraining order than an order of fries? And then the glarer, rather than saying, “So?” says, “I wasn’t glaring.” When did glaring become illegal anyway?

Excuse me. I should say, “the alleged glarer.”

Also, at the risk of sounding like a network TV promo announcer, be sure to read the last paragraph. Some parents really do suck. Trash's question: what if somebody vacuumed while glaring?

* * *

Today’s best search phrase: "merry little christmas" "be your last". Yes, my goal is to become your one-stop shopping place for depressing holiday lyrics. Unless that involves work on my part, of course.

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