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Sunday, September 21, 2003  

Live From St. Paul

To any of you who may have been listening for my name in the end credits of A Prairie Home Companion, thank you. You haven’t heard it yet, but that doesn’t mean I was lying about my new job. It just means the new season hasn’t started yet. They’ve only been running shows that were written before I started. That’s about to stop.

Saturday, September 27 is the first time a show that I helped write will go out on the air. But it’s not the first show that I helped write. That’s tomorrow.

In connection with public radio’s regular pledge drives, A Prairie Home Companion does an annual fundraising show. It’s like a regular APHC show, but all of the sketches (and probably some of the songs) have to do with raising money. So I’ve spent a good deal of the past four weeks coming up with entertaining and creative ways to shake people down. Then those scripts go into the fundraising show. Or, in some cases, they don’t.

Tomorrow night (Monday, September 22, if you’re not reading this on the day I wrote it), my boss will step out onto the stage of the historic Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul and he’ll do a show. It won’t be broadcast live; it’ll be recorded by one of our producers, and she’ll edit it and cut it together and send it out to public radio stations all over the country to use at their discretion. I have no idea when you’ll be able to hear it your area. I have no idea when I’ll be able to hear it in my area.

But I imagine I’ll hear it just fine tomorrow night from backstage or in the wings or somewhere in the bowels of the Fitzgerald theater, as words that my boss and the other writers and I wrote go out live into an audience of up to 996 people, and into the guts of some electronic device that’ll be the first step in disseminating it all over the country. 996 people at the same time. I think the last time I got 996 hits on this blog in one day, there was a link from Television Without Pity involved.

Like my blog audience, the folks at the Fitz won’t be paying. Tickets are free, and I’d tell you where you can get them if it didn’t mean you’d be competing with my wife and my parents for general admission seats.

Tomorrow, Monday, is the first radio show I’ve written scripts for. My words will go out live to 996 non-paying customers, and I’ll hear their reaction instantly. It’s something to think about.

But even that will be minor, compared to the live, international radio audience that hears the season premiere on September 27. The scripts I write for that will be heard by millions.

I should probably start working on some of those, I guess.

Today’s best search phrase “Nice leather sofa none of your shit.” We’ve all been burned by Google in the past. Someone’s not taking it any more.

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