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Tuesday, August 26, 2003  

The New Guy

So far, this is the best job ever. Here’s the coolest part: there’s no training! I did have to go the Minnesota Public Radio offices in downtown St. Paul to learn about my benefits, but from there I went to the Prairie Home offices, said hi, and was shown to my desk. Where I sat down and started writing. And although I haven’t seen an actual check yet, I’m pretty sure I got paid to do it.

My last job, when people come in they have to go through five to six weeks of training before they’re allowed to talk on the phone (I was up and running after four days, but that was a long time ago). Yesterday I banged out an entire comedy script my first half-day. Then, today, I wrote some more. Tomorrow I’ll do some more, and probably also some revisions. This job rocks!

My office, which may turn out to be a temporary office, has four solid walls, a door that closes (at least I assume it closes; I haven’t checked yet, but it does have what appear to be hinges), and a window that looks out into the rear courtyard, which contains a radio transmitter tower. I can imagine the words I type going directly from the keyboard into the computer, and from there underground twenty feet to the tower, and thence over the entire metro area and indeed out into space. But then I’m glad that there are several weeks and a couple of people between me and that stage of the process. Safer that way.

So it’s been going well. My boss is out on the road, on tour with the show, but we’re keeping in touch. He’ll be back next week. Meanwhile, I’m writing for a living. It’s what I do all day. This is the kind of thing I used to have to be sneaky about. Now it’s my job to goof off. The goofier I get, the happier my employer will be. That’s even worth the half-hour commute home. There’s some kind of karmic imbalance at work that can only mean that somebody, somewhere, got robbed. I just hope nobody ever figures out who.

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